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They are constantly “trying” to gain salvation! How frightening is that? Jehovah Witnesses only ever have “hope that they have done enough to gain salvation”. Their faith is shown by their works; which leaves them on a religious time clock 24/7, in my opinion. Five hours a week is spent in instruction for witnessing or preparation for arguments against Jehovah Witnesses; and then a minimum of ten hours per month in visitation service is mandatory. Jehovah Witnesses are obligated to follow the organization’s teachings. There is no absolute truth; they depend on the president and the printing department to determine the truth. They work and work and work; then, what happens when they die? ...view middle of the document...

Knorr established the Watchtower Bible School in Gilead to train full time missionaries to take the message of the Watchtower Tract Society to other parts of the world. Frederic W. Franz (1893-1992) was called the Oracle and considered a leading theologian and replaced Knorr. He was considered the true draftsman of the New World Translation of Scriptures and much of its content.
After Franz’s death the Governing Body took control of the organization and ended the rule of the following presidents. This body is made up of a small committee of men that say that Jehovah or angels give them directives to give to His people. Does Jesus need one committee to tell His people how to live in order to be saved in the Battle of Armageddon? Anyone questioning this or speaking against it is subject to expulsion from the Jehovah Witness organization.
Jehovah Witnesses are encouraged to obey the Great Commission of Jesus in Matthew 28, to obey the laws of the organization, and to remain in good standing with the organization in order to be safe in the Battle of Armageddon. While the organization has all these rules, only one is Biblical in nature. According to them Christ chose The Watchtower Society as the only organization capable of helping to direct His people to the truth. Joining this organization will guarantee one’s survival in the Battle of Armageddon, according to the Jehovah Witness Doctrine. Any Jehovah’s Witness, who falls short of the required hours of visitation, could be demoted or even expelled from within the...

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