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Encouraging Hunting In Modern Society Essay

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"Encouragement of a proper hunting spirit, a proper love of sport, instead of being incompatible with a love of nature and wild things, offers the best guaranty for the preservation of wild things," said Theodore Roosevelt. Many people say that hunting should be discouraged, and that it is no good for the environment or the animals. Hunters and organizations affiliated with the act of hunting are the leading supporters for wildlife management and conservation. Hunting in society should be encouraged rather that discouraged because it is natural, supports wildlife, connects us to nature, and not unlawful.
Before man or women settled in the society we have today, if one did not hunt, then having meat for dinner was out of the question. Although times are different, the reasons for hunting remain similar. Ward Clark, a hunter, lecturer, and author of several nonfiction and fiction books said, "Hunting in and of itself requires no justification. The hunt is not only natural and healthful; it's an inextricable part of our heritage as human beings." (1). These simple facts about life cannot be denied. Man has natural instincts to hunt, and eat the animals hunted. Knowing exactly where the meat came from is beneficial for health reasons, along with others. Animals feed on each other in the wild, so how is any different for humans to hunt? If something was above humans in the food chain and fed on us, then it would be something humans would have to deal with. Humans are at the top of the food chain for a reason. Human beings deserve to be at the top, so why not use the instincts. If humans aren’t going to hunt the deer, then something else will, or worse they walk into traffic and what happens after that is history. Hunting in moderation is beneficial to all.
Many view hunting as killing species and humans are only hurting them, not helping them, but research says otherwise. According to the NRA-IRA from 1900-2001 Whitetail Deer went from 300,000 in population to 20,000,000 (2). The government has put policies into place that protect the animals and the land they are hunted on. The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, or the Pittman-Robertson Act, created a 10% excise tax on sporting arms and ammunition. It was signed into office by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Sept. 2, 1937. The revenue collected helps fund the management of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and is to be used for state wildlife restoration projects. “The approximately 200 million dollars generated by Pittman-Robertson each year are matched with sportsmen’s' dollars at the state level to pay for projects that will restore wildlife populations, expand habitat and train hunters.” (National Rifle Association of America. Institute for Legislative Action 2-3). Hunters cherish the sport, and support these polices because without them the habitats are likely to be destroyed, and that not only affects the hunters’ lifestyle but the animals’ lives as well.
Many often think of...

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