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In Great Expectations, Pip introduces many different settings as he grows and explores.  The first of many settings described is the marshes, a very large area of land on the outskirts of his hometown.  As a young boy and throughout the novel, Pip visits Miss Havisham’s home, or Satis House, a place stopped in time.  As an adult, still finding his way, Pip is brought into the home of Mr. Wemmick, also known as The Castle.  Because of Pip’s travels as he matured, he was able to experience all different environments.  Every person he met lived completely different from the next, allowed the development of the plot as well as providing variety while reading.
As a young boy, Pip roamed the marshes as a sort of getaway from his life.  Most of the time it was very quiet and still, but it has been known to have escaped convicts on its land.  Pip learned of the convicts by personally meeting one as a very young boy and going on a hunt to catch them in the dark.  Sitting with Joe at the old Battery was a very fond memory of Pip’s while out on the marshes.  Days of looking out at the horizon and falling asleep on the cool floor of the Battery are still crisp in Pip’s mind.  It seems Pip had had more bad memories than good out on the old marshes though.  Orlick trapping him and trying to kill him at the sluice house tainted the thought of the marshes in Pip’s mind.  The marshes were a place that Pip had visited from a young age, somewhere that will forever be a part of his life.
Miss Havisham was a part of Pip’s life from an early age.  Satis House is just as the name says, it was enough.  Between the brewery and the house itself, in the beginning the area seemed to have a very mellow atmosphere, time stood still but felt like it went quickly; the darkness turned day into night.  As time persisted within the house, the more chaotic the atmosphere got.  Pip had many experiences inside Satis House, his first love and heartbreak were between those four walls.  Later, as an adult when he went back to see Miss Havisham, Pip had a terrible experience when Miss Havisham was burning and he saved he while burning his arms in the process.  After her...

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