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End Of Poverty: Economic Possibilities For Our Time

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Poverty in developing countries has increased in the past few decades and the rest of the world can do something to end it. Many regions, including Sub-Saharan Africa, live in extreme poverty. These areas have different conditions than rich countries do, which is why these issues are present. However, they are not permanent. Poverty can be eradicated in a few years if the steps are taken to improve the conditions that cause it. Many countries are underdeveloped because of harsh conditions, but these underprivileged communities can begin developing with the right tools and supplies.
Extreme poverty has become a major issue in developing countries of the world. Extreme poverty is the state of a country that does not have enough money to supply the basic needs of those who live there. In The End of Poverty, Jeffrey Sachs explained the issues that cause the insufficient basic supplies, he said, “to understand—and overcome—such crises, it would be necessary to unravel the interconnections between extreme poverty, rampant disease, unstable and harsh climate conditions, high transport costs, chronic hunger, and inadequate food production” (196). Once the connections between the crises are acknowledged, solutions to them will be considered. Unraveling these connections will lead to the end of peoples’ suffering. But, for a solution to be compromised, the causes have to be determined.
There are reasons behind why some nations are in extreme. Parts of the world, such as Africa, are prone to extreme poverty because of lousy governance, geography, and the absence of infrastructure. In rich areas, the country grows in relation to the way it is governed. Jeffrey Sachs tested the relationship between economic growths in 1980 to 2000, he concluded that “African countries on average grew around 3 percentage points less rapidly than other developing countries at the same levels of governance and income. This slower growth is caused, in my opinion, mainly by Africa’s adverse geography and deficient infrastructure” (314). The poor...

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