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needs more research narrow the thesisScott Baryenbruch9/9/96Eng 001/1062Crystal MuellerAudience: This essay will address the subcommittee on vehicular taxes. The subcommittee consists of legislators who for the most part are are well educated and well-informed individuals. This essay will appeal a recently passed 18% tax on off road vehicles. Legislators may prove to be stubborn so a convincing argument is a must.Necessities are a common thing in life. We need food to eat and water to drink, basic necessities they are, but unimportant they are not. Ones basic necessities of life should not be interfered with. Transportation to and from work is a necessity which must not be overlooked. Recently an 18% surtax was placed on all off road vehicles. Mountain bikes, my source of transportation to and from my job, are included in this tax. Life should not be made difficult, and expensive, by unnecessary taxes placed on necessary items. As members of the state legislature's subcommittee on vehicular traffic I would like you to reconsider the taxing of mountain bikes.Taxing of off road vehicles in Alaska is a great source of revenue. Mountain bikes however do not fit the category of vehicles that is being taxed. The subcommittee on vehicular traffic should not even have a say in the taxing of mountain bikes. The definition of vehicular is, 'of, relating to or designed for vehicles, especially motor vehicles.' A mountain bike is a motor less form of transportation, thereby not fitting the definition of vehicular. Legislators need to take a look at the focus of their new tax. This second look will reveal the errors of the legislators ways. A mistake as simple as including a non motorized vehicle in this tax could very easily be changed.An 18% tax on all off road vehicles must be changed to fit only those vehicles used for pleasure and recreation. The mountain bike I purchased is being used for transportation to and from work, a necessary daily commute. The mountain bike is the most economically efficient method of transportation. Why must this money saving option carry a surtax of 18%? The only justification for this tax is an attempt to cut down on off road vehicles in Alaska, or an unethical taxing of items necessary for life in an isolated Alaska town. I feel any off road vehicle, including mountain bikes, should not be placed under the new surtax as long as their main purpose is for use as a work vehicle. It is still just to tax an off road vehicle used for pleasure, because these vehicles are not a necessity.Not only is a mountain bike an essential part of daily life, is also an important factor to the future of Alaska. Vehicular traffic requires a fuel of some sort which is shipped through leaking pipelines, and accident prone tankers. Mountain bikes are powered by the human body, an efficient pollution free engine. Vehicular traffic requires large long wearing roads while a mountain bike needs only a small path. A mountain bike is not just a...

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