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End To End Phone Systems Essay

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End-to-end phone system--Hosted Unified Communications
The demand of services such as storage, email and enterprise management tools is increasing day by day due to which more and more businesses are locking hosted cloud delivery. With SaaS (Software as a Service), the application dealer takes the responsibility of owning, configuring and managing the service.
Omaha Communications’ cloud business phone system delivers an end-to-end hosted phone experience that customers really like and goes beyond the traditional IP PBX. It's the ideal for companies requiring call routing that is of intelligence, mobility, contact center capabilities, and business process integration communication platform, ...view middle of the document...

Leader in hosted VoIP and cloud UC
This unified communication and known as Omaha Communications Sky is our hosted VoIP since 2000 and has grown to serve the needs of variety of industries and organizations of all sizes and types.
End-to-end means reliability and better performance
Omaha Communications Sky is,
• Omaha Communications-designed IP phones
• Omaha Communications -developed applications
• Omaha Communications world-class customer service
No third-party devices means they are integrated with the applications and our service teams have sound knowledge of all components for better support in the future.
One professional telephony team manages it all
Omaha Communications’ Cloud Division doesn’t simply offer hosted phone systems but manages the entire client experience, from round-the-clock maintenance and the move to the cloud, to the support needs of users. There is never any confusion about who’s responsible for what as we replace both the old phone system and the telco provider.
Hosted VoIP that integrates easily
Offering built-in integration with leading CRM, ERP and applicant-tracking software Omaha Communications cloud communications assists organizations make the most of their data.
Omaha Communications Sky Hosted VoIP and UC in one word: ease
Our cloud-based business phone system frees valuable resources by moving...

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