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End User Support, Improve End User Support.

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Unit 7 End User SupportAssignment No.2- Improve End-User Support.Q1) Your company has decided to upgrade from Windows 98 to the Windows XP Professional Operating System on its desktops. You are required to:a) Identify 6 significant differences between the old and new systems which result from advances and are not features of the graphical user interface.b) From these differences suggest the training necessary for a member of the support team.Six significant differences between the old and new systems that result from advances are as follows:* The 98 system uses a FAT32 file system that supports HDDs up to 32GB and no more, the XP system uses NTFS which supports larger HDDs and also adds more security features to the files.* System restore was introduced with WinME and so it not a feature of Win98 but is a feature of WinXP, it allows the system to be restored to an earlier point, before a piece of software was installed or a driver updated for example.* WinXP is far more stable than Win98, for example if a program crashes, it does not freeze the entire system and require it to be rebooted as in Win98.* Security Centre (an added feature with Service pack 2 for WinXP), is not available on Win98 system. In here security settings such as firewall, anti-virus support and internet protection can be managed.* Remote desktop was not a feature of Win98 and allows a user to connect to another computer (for example a server) and run applications on that computer as if in front of the computer.* Windows98 is based on the DOS system and really more suitable for home users, Win NT upwards, including WinXP are not based on the DOS system and thus have better stability, security and are more robust.From these differences there will be a few adjustments or additional training requirements that will be needed for members of the support team, these would be as follows:* Technicians would need to be trained in using the added security features of the NTFS system, for example, applying permissions to files or folders as well as the added security features available within the security centre such as how to configure software firewalls, automatic updates and whether to obtain the updates via the internet or from a file on the server etc and how to best configure the internet options to suit the company.* Technicians would need to know how best to use system restore, how to create a restoration point prior to installation of a suspect software package or prior to updating of drivers and how to restore the system to that point or an earlier point if required.* Remote desktop is a useful tool to understand if needed by the technicians to connect to other computers or the server for troubleshooting or for running particular applications required only on the server etc.Q2) You are also asked to design an ICT training programme for the end users. This requires you to give the management a brief overview of the programme that:a) Lists the main ways that this new technology...

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