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Endangered Animals Essay

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Many animals are endangered and that means they are close to extinction. If species become extinct that means these luscious creatures cannot be seen by us anymore. In this article, I’m going to inform you about solutions to exterminate this problem. Also, I will tell you why this issues important, how it affects us, what can be done to help this problem, and how you can have a positive impact to help end this issue. If we unite and convince the government and businesses to stop taking down natural habitats for new towns we can stop this issue.
This issue is extremely important because without certain animal species we can get unknown diseases that we didn’t know existed. Also, if a species ...view middle of the document...

If we didn’t have the forest to keep the water at bay it could flood us pretty easily and are cities would be flooded.
Many people are trying to help end this issue like scientists but they can’t do it all and need your help to raise awareness. Also, many people have taken on the responsibility of protecting and endangered animal by caring for it. There have been attempts to reintroduce endangered animals to the outdoors. This is called an Endangered Species Recovery Act. These attempts sometimes work but mostly fail. Another thing that people are doing to help this issue in the long run is trying to rebuild habitats. If people are successful doing this it could help to end this issue of Endangerment and help to create new medicines we could use to live a longer and more prosperous life.

This issue is very catastrophic and luckily you have the power to fix this endangerment problem. There are many things you can do like cleaning up pollution. You can do this by watching what you buy, and knowing that it is wrong to pollute and throw trash on the ground. Another way you can help is by helping in a breeding animals program. Although it cost a lot of money if you are dedicated enough you can help breed endangered animals. If the...

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