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The expansion of civilization and advancement in technology has always been seen as betterment to the populations of the world. With this advancement we are finding that many more animal habitats are being threatened and often times destroyed, leading to the decline and in most severe cases the extinction of species. Among the World Wildlife Foundation’s endangered species list there are sixteen critically endangered species, three of those sixteen are gorillas. I will be addressing the condition of the Mountain Gorilla, a species that was predicted to “…be extinct by the end of the twentieth century” (WWF), but through a struggle for survival and with the intervention of man is expanding in ...view middle of the document...

Considering that Gorillas and humans share a 98% similarity in gene sequences, the animals can also fall ill to the same sicknesses and diseases humans do. Not unlike Columbus and the Native Americans the encroaching people subject the Gorillas to illnesses that their immune systems have never had to protect against, often resulting in death. The final major human effect on the Mountain Gorilla populations is poaching. Although, there seems to be only a small amount of Mountain Gorillas being targeted “…for bushmeat or illegal pet trade…” (WWF), there are those who kill Gorillas to take their hands or other parts as souvenirs or to be sold. There is also the added threat of Mountain Gorillas being harmed in traps that have been set up to catch other animals (WWF).
Although there are actions already being implemented to aid the survival of the Mountain Gorilla there is always more work that can be done. The World Wildlife Foundation has been essential in aiding the growth of the Mountain Gorilla populations through working with the forest services to purchase and provide wood for the displaced people of the civil war, in attempt to discourage them from turning to the forest to attain lumber, working to reforest the areas that have been affected most by the surge of refugees, and working to raise awareness to “…improve the management of natural resources outside the park” (WWF). As individuals we can donate and even spread appropriate knowledge about the issue when and where we can; education is the first step in gaining attention and solving the problem.
The protection of this species is important because Mountain Gorillas are an asset to the environment and ecosystem, from spreading seeds around the forest, to fertilizing the soil; Gorillas are an integral part...

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