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Endangered Species: Animals And Plants Essay

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Many people have different ideas about what an endangered species is, but the definition of endangered species is a type of animals and plant which is in danger for extinction by different reason . In this modern time, we see a lot of animals disappearing because of humans.
This action is made with no or indifferent care about life and existence of biodiversity species and there contribution to the ecosystem of the world. In addition the uncontrolled humans developing is causing serious damage to the habitat in which species can't sustain their life's generating a very prolonged list of endangers species as a result.
When globalization spread over each part of the world, it influences several aspects of the habitat where we live. For that reason, human beings consider the concept of sustainable development which is defined as sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
As an effort to control the alarming situation of endanger species,
governments around the world have been taking actions on the issues to protect specific species in danger of extinction and also there habitat, the principal engine that keeps the mechanism working on is the populations, demanding governments to take actions and guarantee the accomplishment of the established norms.
Even though there is an external political influence making pressure trying to debilitated the mechanism of the system influence by economic causes, the force of the population it's too strong to brake it right away. The main reasons for this danger are loss of natural habitat, air pollution and the human intervention on ecosystems.
For this reasons we should focus causes on endangered habitat, protect provide, consider about parallels solutions, and the way that we can preserve the habitat.
Since humans were born in this world, they have shared their habitat. In this modern time, we see a lot of animals disappearing because of humans.
“Leatherback Sea Turtle, were 115,000 adult females in 1982, 25,000 in 1996 and it’s estimated that there are jest 2,300 in the Pacific Ocean today”. In this modern time, a lot of animals have become extinct by humans. Humans are destroying animals habitat by construction, cutting down trees and hunting.
Also there are natural causes. Therefore we should protect the animals. there are good things we can get from them for example medicines. In addition, everything in this habitat such as plants and animals are working together being part of an ecosystem. Natural causes of extinction happen gradually and they are difficult to note. Accident of habitat destruction have led to habitat change resulting on...

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