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Endangered Species Protection Essay

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Endangered Species Protection
Studies show that in the beginning of the 21st century, 1 in every 4 mammal and 1 in every 8 bird species were considered to be endangered. Some counties are trying to help the decline in these animals. The problem is, that many countries can’t afford to make adjustments to help the decline. Even though there are many programs in place to help endangered species, there is still many things yet to be done to help control them.
In the mid-1900s more than 50,000 whales a year were killed by whaling operations. That caused there to be a severe decrease in the whale populations and put several species of whales on the endangered species list. Fewer than 500 and possibly few as 100 are found in the Eastern Northern Atlantic. The IWC and the IWA are programs that were created to help conserve the populations of certain whales. The IWC stands for International Whaling Commision. It is responsible for the conservation and regulation of whale hunting. About 90 countries are part are part of the IWC. In some cases the nations have different laws depending on the nation. For instance in 1971 the U.S. declared all commercially exploited whales endangered species and made it illegal to import any whale products. Nations that are members of the IWC agree to follow the IWA. The IWA stands for the International Whaling Agreement. The IWA is the IWC’s commission's founding agreement. The agreement forbids the hunting of certain whales like the blue, bowhead, finback, gray, humpback, right, sei, and sperm whales that the U.S. listed as endangered species. The agreement also designates areas for whale sanctuaries and sets limits on the number and size of whales that may be killed. The IWC also makes statistics of many are caught every year, and promotes, funds, and publishes scientific research on whales.
In some cases putting a ban on hunting a certain animal doesn’t...

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