Endangered Species: What Is Killing Them?

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Wooly mammoth. Atlantic gray whale. Large sloth lemur. Dodo bird. Silver trout. Baiji white dolphin. Saber-toothed tiger. These are just a few of the many extinct species. All extinct species go through a process that leads them to extinction. Endangered species are on the brink of extinction caused by natural causes and humanity. The numbers of these species have increased yearly due to different reasons, and it is because of these reasons they become endangered.
Endangered species are plants or animals expected to die off within a few years. “Facts about Endangered Animals” is an article that teaches its readers general facts about many animals facing extinction. Four main categorizes for endangered plants and animals include vulnerable species, threatened species, endangered species, and extinct species. The vulnerable species have such declining numbers that they are at risk (1). Threatened species have enough numbers but are decreasing in their normal environment. Endangered species are on the verge of extinction. Existing no longer, are extinct species (2). Within the present years, there are currently thirty-eight known mammal species that have been listed as extinct (1). Endangered species are either headed towards extinction or are going up towards the threatened stage. Either way, their numbers are always altering, and the aspects are numerous.
There are several main reasons why endangered species proceed towards extinction. Greta Nilsson wrote an article for the encyclopedia about endangered species. In the first part of her essay, she focused on the four main reasons that put plants and animals on the endangered species list: destruction of habitat, exotic animal exchange, overhunting, and competition between native and nonnative animals. The biggest threat to the survival of species is the loss of habitat. The majority of plants and animals are accustomed to their certain living standards. If their habitat is taken away from them, they no longer feel comfortable and they cannot adapt to their surroundings well. Greta Nilsson says, “The destruction of virgin forests by loggers and settlers are the conversion of natural grasslands into pasture for livestock have eliminated vast expanses of wildlife habitats” (269). The website, Endangered Specie, is all about how people can and should save endangered species. The author, Lauren Kurpis, tells people why animals are important to human beings. There are a lot of things that cause habitat destruction. Natural causes are always happening around the world. Therefore, it has an effect on the species that are living in those specific places. When natural disasters happen, they usually happen at a slower pace. However, if they happen too rapidly, the animals that live in that habitat have a hard time adjusting back to normal. A lot of the losses of habitat is a result from human activity. Humans destroy animals' habitat so quickly, it is hard for them to recover (1). This is why so many...

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