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Was Romeo And Juliets' Love A Mere Infatuation?

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The famous play Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare when he was still relatively young and able to remember what young love (and infatuation) was all about. There is not a doubt in the world that the wondrous play can be read in more ways than one, both being quiet understanding and reasonable to certain people. The play can be seen as a story of foolish, rushed and young love which was nothing more than a simple infatuation and crush, and if the two young lovers had any sense at all, then they would've done as their parents had wished and not ended their lives the way that they had. However, the better (and best) way to interpret this play is to see the two young lovers' love as true love. Shakespeare cunningly and cleverly puts in clear lines and convincing scenes which force both audiences and readers to see the two young people as being truly in love, not just having a infatuation or crush. Their deaths were merely caused by the unreasonable and ongoing feud between the two Houses (Capulet & Montague) and sheer bad luck, it was never in any way, their fault or mistakes which (directly) took their young lives.Shakespeare opens the play (before the Prologue [to Act 1]) with a stupid fight which involves the servants of the two households. Sampson and Gregory, who are Capulets, are talking of their hatred for all Montagues while Abraham and another Montague servant meet up with them. Both sides are looking for a fight (especially the Capulets) and Abraham takes insult at the way that Sampson is biting his thumb at him, believing it to be an obscene gesture. They quarrel and Benvolio of the Montagues and Tybalt of the Capulets come just in time to have their kinsmen draw their swords, ready to fight. Benvolio who is a well-mannered peace-maker tells Abraham to put down his sword, 'Part, fools, put up your swords, you know no what you do.' (I. I. 56). Tybalt's nature, on the other hand, cannot be any more different to Benvolio's as he is full of hatred and violence towards everything he sees. Even the Citizens of Verona are fed up with the ongoing feud between the two families and they demonstrate their frustration by shouting, 'Down with the Capulets! Down with the Montagues!' (I. i. 65)The feud is very old and has been carried on for many generations. 'From ancient grudge, break to new mutiny, (Prologue1, line 3). The fight at the beginning of the play is indeed childish and unnecessary, particularly with all this 'do you bite your thumb at us, sir' nonsense, (I. i. 38-44).This brawl brings Prince Escalus's decision to execute anyone who dared to disturb the peace and harmony of the city of Verona again.The over-sentimental infatuation of Romeo's with the older Rosaline is a unmistakable contrast between his later true love for Juliet. Romeo, himself had not even met Rosaline, while she decides to dedicate her life to chastity and become a nun. Romeo, however, is still obsessed with her up until the time that he meets Juliet at the...

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