Was The American Revolutionary War Inevitable?

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American RevolutionAP US HistoryMany people say that the American Revolution was inevitable, but inevitability in history is a tricky thing to prove. Nevertheless, political, economic, and regional issues conspired to build up tensions that erupted into open conflict after more than 150 years as an English colony. A stew of causes led to this historic break between England's American subjects.Although the English colonies in America grew to be different depending on regional conditions, in all cases there was nevertheless a clear path toward an eventual rupture in ties. New England's short growing season and rocky terrain forced her settlers to be resilient and turn to livelihoods other than farming. The cold waters off the coast provided plentiful fish and whales as well as a convenient highway on which to trade. Many settlers came over for religious reasons; the Puritans in Massachusetts Bay and the Separatists in Plymouth are but two examples. They tended to come over in large groups, families remained largely intact, and unity of purpose promoted a sense of solidarity. Because of their religious nature and its requirement that parishoners be able to read, education became important - not only for personal salvation but for political unity against England as well! Town meetings and church councils were small laboratories of democracy. The Mayflower Compact, although seemingly inconsequential at the time, marked a landmark in a people's willingness to make a government that would work for them under dire circumstances. Connecticut had a democratically elected government under the Fundamental Orders, and the very nature of Rhode Island's foundation as a bastion of liberal and rebellious religious thinkers sowed the seeds of future dissent. Problems with the Indians, as when King Philip led the Indians of the northeast in a last attempt at unity against the whites, forced the colonists to unite for their very survival. Indeed, the New England Confederacy was formed largely for this reason: CT and MA settlements wanted to coordinate defensive efforts. (That this was later taken over by England when it was made into a dominion only added fuel to the fire.) Clearly, events were conspiring to prompt an independent streak in New England that would spell doom for the union with England.This independent streak was developing in the middle (Chesapeake) colonies even though...

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1082 words - 4 pages , we come to the question "Was the Civil War Inevitable?". I will go through the reasons of why the civil war began and it will be answered as it is read.We can start from the beginning, when American first started to come together. The people of New England, left England mainly for religious reasons. The people were called Puritans. The Puritan were very educated and they based their ways of living by their religious beliefs. The Puritans felt the

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2499 words - 10 pages help them in any way. Somebody important and well known in the colonies at the time is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin believed that the American Revolutionary War was not inevitable because the British would have eventually been in too much debt. They eventually would have decided to pull out and the American colonies would have become self-governing. However he is wrong because also the American colonists had now became too built up with anger due

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696 words - 3 pages The American Revolution was an essential and detrimental part in helping shape America into the country we live in today. This helped us gain the certain unalienable rights that we are accustomed to. The war took place from 1775 and 1783. This war was a fight between the colonies and the mother land of Great Britain. The war was an essential part in forming America as we know it today. Other key factors that helped mold America were Political

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2720 words - 11 pages Was the American Civil War Inevitable?"So short-lived has been the American Union, that men who saw it rise may live to see it fall." No other event in the history of the United States has garnered more debate, both before and after, as the American Civil War. Although there is not an actual date to reflect back upon and say this is when it started, we can look at the attitudes, Congressional debates, and newspaper editorials of the era and see

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1908 words - 8 pages abolish the institution of slavery in western territories through rhetoric. However, they did strongly oppose its expansion. Therefore, according to both political parties, conflict was inevitable. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, the South’s secession from the union became the reason for the American Civil War. Lincoln vowed to halt the expansion of slavery into western territories. Due to this declaration, South Carolina was the first

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2028 words - 8 pages , this difference then turns into violence, which breaks out into an all out war. With all said and done, this is why the Civil War was inevitable. Works Cited Roark, J.L., Johnson, M.P., Cohen, P.C., Stage, S., Lawson, A., Hartmann, S.M. (2009). The american promise: A history of the united states (4th ed.), The New West and Free North 1840-1860, The slave south, 1820-1860, The house divided 1846-1861 (Vol. 1, pp. 279-354). "Top Five Causes