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Ender's Game Essay

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Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card, is an exceptional novel created by an extremely smart, intuitive, and talented individual. This novel deals with several of societies’ issues and is almost satire, comparable to Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. Some topics that are prominent in Ender’s Game are compassion, humanity, and the relationship between adults and children. These three elements define the main character, Ender, and influence the way he makes decisions and eventually changes the world. The setting of this particular novel is in several places (including Greensboro, N.C., Battle School, and Command School (on Eros, one of Saturn’s Moons)), but takes place somewhere in the future. From ...view middle of the document...

The Formics had come in two invasions; the first one was just a scouting mission, and was defeated by humans, but at a great cost. The second Formic invasion was in an attempt to wipe out the population of the earth and colonize it. Due to Mazer Rackham’s genius, the Formic Fleet was defeated. In preparation for the Formic’s third invasion, the International Fleet constructed Battle School and Command school to train the smartest children in the world with the best tactical minds with rigorous training.
Due to the urgency that was taken to defeat the Formics, once and for all, the International Fleet, a new governing body that was like United Nations on steroids, orders that children would be raised to be the smartest the world had ever seen. Ender was one of those children. He was chosen at the age of 6 to go to Battle School, an orbiting school that taught the children how to be good military tacticians in the heat of battle. This was accomplished in the battle room, a large cube room with no gravity. Cadets are given a gun that, when shot at another cadet wearing a ‘flash suit,’ causes the particular body part that was shot to freeze and become immobile. If a cadet was hit in the stomach, their entire body would become immobile. When Ender first arrived to Battle School, he was in a group known as the ‘launchies,’ because they had just arrived to the school. After about a year, these launchies progressed into an Army, or a group of 40 ‘soldiers’ aged anywhere from 8-12. Because Ender was so smart, he was progressed into an army after only 2 months in the launch group, unheard of in the history of the school. The commander of the army that Ender was assigned to didn’t like him, so Ender and the commander, Bonzo, had a few confrontations that would lead to trouble later on into the book. Ender quickly makes a friend, Petra Arkanian, and she teaches Ender basics for learning how to maneuver and shoot in the battleroom. Soon, Ender is traded to Rat Army, and is put into Dink Meeker's platoon, one of the best in the school. Dink is a very capable and intelligent platoon leader, and Ender continues to do well in his battles. Tensions between Ender and other students lead to Ender hurting some older boys that attacked him. This makes him realize that the teachers are trying to make Ender fend for himself.
Later on in the story, Ender is made the commander of Dragon Army, a new army comprised of many fresh launch groups and only a few veterans from other armies. The smallest launchie in the group, Bean, being extremely...

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