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The book starts off with Ender getting his monitor off.A monitor is something that they but on the back of thesepeoples necks to see if they are a good candidate to be ageneral to fight the buggers. The buggers are aliens. Well,since he is not monitored anymore people who have alwayswanted to fight him can now fight them. He ends upwinning all of the fights and he goes home. As it turns outtaking off his monitor was a test to see how he wouldhandle people that fight him. A general then explains thathe want to send Ender to battle school so he can learn howto fight in space. Ender decides to go. When he gets therehe finds out that it is very tough. He ends up killing 2 kidsand breaking count less numbers of bones in the 4 yearsthat he is there. While he is there he plays a virtual realitygame. When he beats the game the computer makes up aplace called the end of the world. There are some verydisturbing things here. Eventually Ender graduates battleschool (2 years earlier that anybody has ever graduated,he's a genius.) He then goes to command school were helearns how to control fleets of star ships. They put him in asimulator and he is given many missions to fly. Then oneday his inspectors say that today is his final mission beforethey grade him. He up agents a whole planet and a vastnumber of ships. He ends up winning by using a secretweapon on the planet that blows it up. When he finishes thebattle he realizes that everyone is cheering behind him.When he asks why they tell him that all of his missionswere real ones against the buggers and that he had justdestroyed all of the buggers.My favorite character in this book is Ender. He is myfavorite character for many reasons. One reason is that he isreally smart. He has a photographic memory and he has a200 IQ. He also could out...

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Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game Essay

2058 words - 8 pages betrayal and courage. Through Ender Wiggin we are able to capture the different emotions and problems that lead a society to destruction. The character of Ender portrays the destruction of an individual when a person's life lacks love and nurture. Despite the fact that Ender Wiggin possessed an immense amount of courage and that he became a hero when he saved the human species from an alien invasion, his life was unhappy and incomplete until he found a purpose in his life. That purpose was to hold and protect the future of the alien species in his hands. Works Cited Card, Orson Scott. Ender's Game. New York: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 1977. Print.

"Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card

742 words - 3 pages Ender has to make a decision between childhood and family, or patriotism and relief from pain and embarrassment. This choice was made entirely by Ender but was influenced by others.One of the things that really influenced Enders decision to join the battle school was his school on Earth. In the beginning of the book Ender's chip from the back of his neck was taken out, at the end of class when he was leaving he was stopped by Stilson and his

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850 words - 3 pages Book Title: Ender's GameAuthor: Orson Scott CardGenre: Science FictionSetting Location: Earth and SpaceTime Period: The future (around 2070)CharactersEnder - Ender is the main character in the story and he is six years old when the story begins. He is the younger brother of Peter and Valentine, at age six Ender is chosen by Colonel Graff and the International Fleet to help save mankind from the buggers. Ender is afraid of his brother and loves

Good vs Evil in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game

1304 words - 5 pages Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card uses Peter, Ender, and several symbols to strengthen his theme of the duality of human nature to show that humans are not pure good or pure evil – they are a combination of both. The lines that define good and evil are not written in black and white; these lines tend to blur allowing good and evil to intermingle with each another in a single human being. the lines tend to blur and the colours intermingle The

Book Report on The Mastership Game by Scott McBain

2345 words - 9 pages This book, written by Scott McBain, has an excellent cover, which like the majority of other books I have chosen for this assessment, is the main reason why I chose to read this book. The cover has a simple white background with an embedded white and grey maze in the centre. It really captures the potential reader's eye. Although you, the marker, were probably expecting a bit more depth as to the reason for choosing the books we read, I believe

Enders Game

932 words - 4 pages Ender's Game by Card, Orson Scott Publisher: Tor Books ISBN: 0812550706 Ender's Game, first in a series of five books, begins on a futuristic Earth, the home of Peter, Valentine and Ender; three gifted siblings born a generation after an intergalactic battle against the insect-like aliens, "Buggers".As we're taken back and forth between Ender's childhood and an ambiguous adult conversation, we learn of the existence a military force that

Trickery and Deception in Ender's Game

1052 words - 4 pages isn't much difference between the children and the adults in this novel. They are the same, if not more advanced in intelligence. Even with the deceit and manipulation, the commanders know that the children must be taken seriously. They are the ones who are capable of not only killing, manipulating and hating, but also of creating and helping. Works Cited Card, Orson Scott. Ender's Game. New York: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. 1991 New Webster's Dictionary: Expanded Edition. Weston, FL: Paradise Press, Inc. 2003

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1537 words - 6 pages How Does Ender's Personality Change Throughout the Novel?Name: Enzo PradoGrade: 10th RedTeacher: Mrs. TealSubject: English Words: 1544How does one's personality change? Can you retain it or does it always alter as you grow? Within the novel, Ender's Game, written by the novelist, Orson Scott Card, Ender's personality is seen to constantly change as the novel undergoes its path in revealing the life of Andrew Wiggins, or better known as Ender

Card And Clarke: At The Extremes Of A Genre

1171 words - 5 pages a vision of the scientific hypothesis presented in the story. In Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card formulates science-fiction-fantasy story, in which an elaborate scientific hypothesis is created, but we are allowed to bond deeply with the characters, not only living the science fiction story through their physical thoughts and actions, but through their emotions as well. Both writers present stories with similar premises, but employ their own styles of writing in order to create two entirely different science-fiction pieces.

The Influences on Orson Scott Card's Works.

1084 words - 4 pages at a public library in California (where he grew up). Card's childhood and beliefs as a Mormon are what influence his writings.Card lives in North Carolina with his wife, Kristina, and their five kids: Emily, Charlie, Zina, Erin, and Geoffrey. All of the children were named after famous authors. For example, Emily was named after Emily Dickenson (Edward). In 1986 and 1987, Card won the Hugo and Nebula awards for Ender's Game and its sequel

Responsibilities of the Protagonists in The Chrysalids and Ender’s Game

1306 words - 5 pages SimonSamuel SimonENG-2DPMarch 16, 2014Responsibilities of the Protagonists inThe Chrysalids and Ender's GameTwo societies can differ yet produce similar citizens. In The Chrysalids, by John Wyndham, and Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, David Strorm and Andrew "Ender" Wiggin are two young boys who are given unusual, difficult responsibilities to cope with. The Chrysalids takes place in Waknuk where they are recovering from a nuclear catastrophe

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"Ender's Game" By Orson Scott Card.

891 words - 4 pages as us, little sister. Most of them are making a living somewhere. Teaching, the poor bastards, or doing research. Precious few of them are actually in positions of power." (pg.129, Ender's Game, by Card, Orson S., Tom Doherty and Associates Inc., New York, N.Y., 1991) Peter is an extremely persuasive person, and this is a substantial characteristic of his, which comes to play when some of his valid points are discussed and debated over in the

"Ender's Game" By Orson Scott Card: Incorporating Romance Novel Elements

619 words - 2 pages his emotions instead of letting them out by crying like he once did. Valentine was no longer his protector. Ender was alone and on his own. Physically Ender was drained out. Most of his battles were back to back. They did not let him rest and that led to Ender being physically drained out. At one point Ender just couldn't take it anymore and he swore to never battle again.In conclusion, "Ender's Game" contains all these elements, which qualify it

Isolation Is Destruction To Ender's Childhood Life Commentary On "Ender's Game" By Orson Scott Card

653 words - 3 pages Solitude can be a tool that help us become independent and strong-willed, but if one has taken too much of it, he or she would slowly cast himself into isolation and detach himself from the community. In Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, Ender has gone through a series of experiences of isolation in battle school, which deeply affected and damaged Ender's psychological growth.Since early age, Ender has been an individual that brims with raw

The Influence Of Bean In "Ender's Game" By Orson Scott Card

1015 words - 4 pages Years ago, Orson Scott Card wrote the book "Ender's Game" which told the story of a brilliant 9-year-old boy named Ender Wiggin attending Battle School whose shoulders supported all of humanity's hope of surviving alien invasions from the Formics, more commonly known as the "Buggers." Now, 20 years later, Card comes back with a parallel novel called Ender's Shadow telling the same story but following the poignant journey of Bean, a genetically