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Ender's Game Essay A+

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How Does Ender's Personality Change Throughout the Novel?Name: Enzo PradoGrade: 10th RedTeacher: Mrs. TealSubject: English Words: 1544How does one's personality change? Can you retain it or does it always alter as you grow? Within the novel, Ender's Game, written by the novelist, Orson Scott Card, Ender's personality is seen to constantly change as the novel undergoes its path in revealing the life of Andrew Wiggins, or better known as Ender. Ender is seen as an open person, or as openly subject to change. The novel commences describing this character as an innocent or naïve being that later on, towards the middle of the novel, shows mediocre morality that would a spark of change in his growing capabilities of self-protection. Yet as the novel ends, Ender results as a very independent or self-reliant person in his caring acts and strong leadership. Although Ender himself was born and grew up on Earth, the majority of his change results in space, on a ship where he'd attend battle school and spend some of the most impacting years of his life. Years filled with hardships, deception, and survival.In the beginning of the novel, Ender is seen as a very innocent and naive person. As a child Ender had a monitor placed, in which the "government" could survey his every moment in life. Although he kept it for an extended period of time compared to other children the International Fleet did eventually take off his monitor. During this action the reader could clearly see his sister valentine's role in Ender's life as a loving care-giver. "I'm sorry ender.' …looking at the bandaid on his neck.'…'I don't care. I'm glad it's gone'…'now he's like us'…trying to soothe the pain away" (Valentine & Ender pg 10) The fact that Ender has held his monitor longer than others has made him an outcast. He's a third child which isn't accepted and Valentine's efforts to soothe his pain, by telling him he's finally "normal", outlines his image as a small, innocent being . Ender is also seen as a classical representation of a child, a naïve character, that is brought out as Graff, a general director of battle school, persuades Ender to come along with him, "I've been watching the monitor disks for some time…they won't miss you long…They love you. The question is whether they want you here. Your presence is a constant disruption…not anything you do, Ender. Your life itself." (Graff pg21-22) Graff used that same love, the love that keeps Ender on Earth and surviving every day, against Ender. He took true fact and twisted it around, blaming Ender as the cause of the family's suffering. This manipulation was have him think that battle school is the only true option that could lead to Ender being accepted. His stereotypical innocent "child" figure is again seen within the fear that this supposed "prophet" child holds towards his older brother Peter. In a game of buggers and astronauts his brother achieved a menacing...

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