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Ender’s Game Vs. Ender’s Game: Orson Scott Card Takes On Gavin Hood

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Undermined by dread of another extra-terrestrial invasion, humanity turns to the youngsters to get ready for the approaching war. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card is a novel and Ender's Game directed by Gavin Hood is the motion picture based – very loosely - on that novel. So how true to the book were these producers? Translating a 368 page military science fiction novel from 30 years back into a 2 hour film regardless of how well approached will have a few aspects of it hit the fan. With the principle force of the story being fixated on Ender's inward voice and several enormous subplots, a few components are sure to be not true to the book whatsoever.
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Contrasted with Card's novel, Hood's movie scarcely touches on the way that Ender kills. He's a slayer. He doesn't simply leave his enemies in the hospital.
In the book, people figure out how to utilize a key bit of innovation in the wake of vanquishing the buggers. Its official name is the "Philotic Parallax Quick Communicator," more commonly known as the ansible. It permits them to impart at close immediate speed over interstellar separations. It's focused around the buggers' biotic capacity to impart over a kind of clairvoyant hive brain join. The saying "ansible" is utilized as a part of the film (once), yet they never clarify the engineering or connection it to the story. This would be fine with the exception of how it influences the final reveal.
How did Ender know where to discover the bugger queen? Because of a rock formation that had been purposefully shaped to resemble the fallen castle from a computer game only he had seen. How did the buggers see Ender's machine diversion? Great inquiry. In the movie it’s not clear, however it’s inferred they had some way or another connected into the computer system to which the game existed.
The book's clarification is considerably more agreeable. At the point when Ender goes to Command School, an ansible sends Ender's commands (obscure to him) to the actual International Fleet as they battle the buggers. Since the ansible was retro-engineered from bugger innovations, the buggers can take advantage of Ender's correspondences, and take in more about him than anybody could have anticipated — including his memories of the game. Through this connection, they learn of Ender's game, and they additionally discover that he's fit for the sort of compassion needed to help the buggers repopulate on an alternate world. The buggers ' manipulation of the computer game in the book is a possibility and could have happened. So it’s not completely crazy for the movie to take after this route....

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