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Enders Game Essay

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Ender's Game by Card, Orson Scott Publisher: Tor Books ISBN: 0812550706 Ender's Game, first in a series of five books, begins on a futuristic Earth, the home of Peter, Valentine and Ender; three gifted siblings born a generation after an intergalactic battle against the insect-like aliens, "Buggers".As we're taken back and forth between Ender's childhood and an ambiguous adult conversation, we learn of the existence a military force that controls its passive and obedient citizens. Government sanctions encourage only two children per family. Each newborn receives an implant, a "monitor" allowing military officials to view life through the eyes of the child and find candidates for their orbiting battle school.Ender's older siblings, Peter and Valentine, were both rejected by the government; Peter for being too violent, and Valentine for being too caring. Their parents were instructed to bear a third child, Ender, in hopes that he would be a perfect mix of his older siblings. Sure enough, Ender was chosen, and was manipulated into leaving his parents at the age of six to go train for battle.The book deals with moral issues, such as whether it's right to take innocent children and turn them into fighting machines, simply for the betterment of humankind. Although Ender's Game is centered upon a futuristic space war, it shows a similarity to wars in the past. The government is able to convince the population that fighting or dying for one's country (or planet) is noble, heroic and glamorous; but, we learn through Ender's experiences that war is anything but.As author Orson Scott Card commented in a November 1, 1998 interview for SCIFI.COM, Ender's Game is, "just an exaggeration of how things really are. We send our children out to fight our wars for us. The lieutenants and captains commanding draftees and volunteers in battle have always been scarcely more than children. I just made it explicit. That's what sci-fi usually does (serious sci-fi, that is) exaggerate the truth to clarify it." The majority of the book takes place within the battle school, where we watch Ender quickly overcome obstacles using his outstanding intelligence. As Card reveals the inner workings of Ender's mind, one begins to empathize with him, as if you, too, can be a genius. You can imagine yourself in Ender's position and live vicariously through him. You'll often pause in your reading to reflect on how you would handle Ender's latest challenge.The reading level is age 12+, however, the issues discussed and the emotional bond one forms with Ender make this book a thought-provoking read for adults.Rating 5 of 5 stars Publisher Tor Books Book Facts $6.99 In the last bugger war, humanity was nearly wiped out by their insectoid enemies. They...

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Enders Game Essay

633 words - 3 pages Ender's Game 7th Grade, Kittredge School Matthew Aaron Ms. Emily Evison Chandler Vitlin Ender Wiggin is a six year-old from Greensboro, United States of America, and he is also not your average kid. When Ender was three, the IF implanted a monitor that connected directly with his brain. That meant that everything that Ender saw, heard, touched, thought, felt, etc., was recorded onto disks. The purpose of doing this was to try to find the

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2117 words - 8 pages Ender's Game: The story of a young, brilliant boy who is destined to save humanity by leading a strike force against an alien race that hasn't been seen by humans in seventy years. Though the story takes place in the future, the problems faced by the characters are those humanity faces today.The cold war is over now, but some twenty-two years ago, people in America and Western Europe still had a clear enemy in the Soviets. Communism vs

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699 words - 3 pages After reading your wonderful book, I couldn't but appreciate your work and thoughtfulness that you put in it. Reading Ender's Game made me reflect on the many different aspects of my life that were mirrored by the events, conflicts and especially the main character, Ender.Your book made me sit down and think about how the things you wrote about relating very closely to my personal life. The friends that you always thought of being your closest

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959 words - 4 pages U.S.A is a country which reinforces itself as the country of freedom, but Orson Scott Card’s, Enders Game, situated in U.S.A, unveils so many instances of confinement that it’s hard to say that they’re free at all. The theme of power is prevalent throughout the series and is embodied as freedom and confinement, which is shown at the start in his family, at school and the similarly at battle-school. Through the use of manipulation and metaphors

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987 words - 4 pages “Children chosen over trained fight war…alien species: The Formics” -WSJ In Enders Game by Orson Scott Card, earth has gone through two fierce wars with an alien species called the Formics, or more commonly known as the Buggers. The first invasion, the Bugger’s were exploring life outside of their solar system. The second invasion the Bugger’s wanted to colonize earth. After the first Bugger invasion, the countries of the

Enders Game Essay

1075 words - 5 pages Afghanistan, United States of America, and Iraq are all various places where violence takes place due to various obstacles people face in their lives. People often choose the path of violence because they lack the choice to choose other options thus forming violence as a priority. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott, Ender Wiggins, a boy who is known as a different child since he was a third, was put through various scenarios where he is impacted by

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850 words - 3 pages Book Title: Ender's GameAuthor: Orson Scott CardGenre: Science FictionSetting Location: Earth and SpaceTime Period: The future (around 2070)CharactersEnder - Ender is the main character in the story and he is six years old when the story begins. He is the younger brother of Peter and Valentine, at age six Ender is chosen by Colonel Graff and the International Fleet to help save mankind from the buggers. Ender is afraid of his brother and loves

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662 words - 3 pages In the Dystopian world of Enders Game, humanity prepares to fight against an Alien race known as the “Buggers”. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is sent to the Battle School, a Military School who teaches children Military tactics in preparation for the “Third invasion”. Setting The story begins in Earth and soon to the Battle School, a space station orbiting the Earth, and finally to the command school, yet another Space station. The majority

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549 words - 2 pages found out Wesley had died she would never love again. The second time people thought he was dead he appeared just before Buttercup would have killed herself. He was very unpredictable throughout he entire novel and fooled everyone with his near and fake deaths.In the novel Enders Game the character Ender became a student at a naval academy. He did not know that he would be fighting to help prevent the Earth from being destroyed. He had gone to

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381 words - 2 pages greater power will do my homework for me. In Enders Game, Ender had some control over his fate, he got to make the decision of a lifetime to go to battle or stay home. This decision was much like Brutus's decision to kill Caesar. They must both weigh the pros and cons before proceeding with a final decision. But he also could not control all of his fate, for Ender could not control the fact that he was born third, so he was different from his

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619 words - 2 pages "Ender's Game" is about a young boy named Ender Wiggen who is born a "third", which means he is the third child in a future where a couple may only have two children, but the government allowed Ender's parents to have Ender because they think that Ender might just be able to save the world. The government thought that the third time might just be the charm. They were right. Ender is the perfect leader in every way one can be. Some argue that

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1148 words - 5 pages has told everyone that Ender is capable of saving the world from the Buggers. Ender learns from all his mistakes and from the experience, knowledge and skill he gains through out battle school. The science fiction in Enders game is unbelievably brilliant. The author, Orson Scott Card has done a fantastic job writing the book Ender’s Game. He has established a great connection between the reader and Ender. This is so important because of the way

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1108 words - 4 pages Ender’s Game Essay      The novel Ender’s Game is written by Orson Schott Card. It is about a young boy who is sent to battle school. He meets friends and makes adversaries. In battle school, out in space, Ender, the young boy is a genius and is taught many tactics to destroy their prime enemy the buggers. He excels in school and battles his way into command school before the required age. There he is told he is

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1031 words - 4 pages . Inside the battleroom, Ender figures out how to maneuver in null gravity, along with another recruit named Alai. Ender and Alai become friends, and this helps Ender fit in with the rest of the group. Ender manages to get farther in one of the computer games, called the mind game, than anyone ever had before him, and although he does not know, the military commanders take notice. Ender is abruptly promoted to Salamander Army. There Ender is

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935 words - 4 pages Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card, is a military science fiction novel written in January 1865. The novel is written in 3rd person through the point of view Ender. Set in 2070, the novel sets a jeopardized humanity after 2 warfares with an alien species known as "The Buggers." In precaution of another attack, Ender Wiggins, the protagonist of the story, is trained at a young age where he will eventually put his military tactics into action