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Afghanistan, United States of America, and Iraq are all various places where violence takes place due to various obstacles people face in their lives. People often choose the path of violence because they lack the choice to choose other options thus forming violence as a priority. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott, Ender Wiggins, a boy who is known as a different child since he was a third, was put through various scenarios where he is impacted by the lack of options in order to face everyday problems. Therefore, Ender realizes that the obstacles he faces pushes him to express his emotions in a violent form due to the lack of options.

As Ender faces various obstacles that affect his mental state, he portrays how his use of violent actions is affected by the very few options he has. Firstly, Ender’s pursuit of victory is stalled as it causes him to expose his feelings in a form causing destruction. After playing the level repetitively he thought to himself, “I hate this game. It isn’t fair. It’s stupid. It’s rotten…..He jumped at the giant’s face, clambered up his lip and nose, and began to dig in the giant’s eye. The stuff came away like cottage cheese, and as the giant screamed, Ender’s finger burrowed into the eye, climbed right in, burrowed in and in,” ( Scott 52 PDF Version). Due to the lack of choices after repetitively losing to the giant, Ender’s next actions were based on violence as he realizes that the giant is trying to affect his feelings thus forming the solution that he must kill in order to pursuit victory. Secondly, Ender’s emotions give away as he faces the obstacle of “overcoming” the game, thus only resulting in his anger being released. Ender grew tired of the complaining as he shouted, “Ender slammed his open hand against the wall and shouted at the boy. I don’t care about the game anymore! His vice echoed through the corridors. Boy’s from other armies came to their doors. He spoke quietly into the silence—Do you understand that? And he whispered, the game is over,” (Scott 172 PDF Version). Ender’s release of anger was influenced by the complaining, thus showing how he had little options to face the annoyance and therefore showed how the game effected him mentally by portraying his voice in a threatening tone. Thirdly, Ender’s new challenge is to overcome the act of betrayal by the government, however his response results with inhumane gestures. Ender’s happiness quickly wore off, “ Ender, you never played for *me.* You never played a *game* since I became your enemy. Ender didn’t get the joke. He had played a great number of games, at a terrible cost to himself. He began to get angry. Mazer reached out and touched his shoulder. Ender shrugged him off,” (Scott 238 PDF Version). Ender realizes that as his old problem is through, another problem occurs which shows how the government plays with Ender’s mental state and the only way Ender can respond is by violent gestures due to the lack of options to take...

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Enders Game Essay

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