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Persuasion is a communicative force powered by competent communicators through the use of rhetorical language and aptitude. To be a successful event marketer and promoter, a professional must persuade the consumer to give the most valuable contribution of all, their time. In this paper I will address how my experience as a Communication Studies major has influenced me to pursue the marketing industry and how; rhetoric acts as an important tool in the everyday life of a marketer, there is a necessity for media literacy in the industry, the presentation and maintenance of self affects the success of a promoter, effectively make sense of the forms and messages of media, .., and lastly apply my academic achievements and use them for the betterment of my community.
In my pursuit of a fulfilling and happy lifestyle, I will pursue a career in event marketing and promotions. This field, although broad, utilizes the various skills I have acquired through a college education including; the use of face to face communication to build a relationship with an individual, the ability to establish credibility and motivate a group through rhetorical language, and awareness to act upon an opportunity-filled situation by adjusting my speaking techniques to better suit my audience. Pursuing a career in this industry excites me because of the high level of social interaction. The diverse groups of people you meet and the business connections that are created are extremely valuable, for personal growth and for future endeavors. My desire is to use the professional and personal connections formed in this profession to one day be marketing and promoting for my own club. However, I know that to be successful in planning and executing my own events in fifteen years, that I must first establish myself and manage my time effectively, never passing up an opportunity to form a relationship.
Rhetoric is an effective communication tool, allowing for a communicator to properly and confidently address any audience and not only be understood, but also be influencing. Rhetoric is used in this way in the everyday life of a marketer and promoter. Social gatherings and events provide a setting for public communication and relationship building; whether it is a nightclub filled with a young adult population or a community development meeting of active local citizens. Deliberate social events act as facilitators for conversations that may have not otherwise happened. The primary methods for a successful promotion or marketing campaign involve communication processes with the customer, understanding them as individuals with diverse interests, while organizing and classifying the customer as a target market to whom you are selling or influencing. My Communication Studies degree in conjunction with my business minor at Colorado State University has taught me to recognize opportunity for a relationship or potential business venture and use rhetoric to adapt to my audience and understand...

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