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Enemy Of The Cyberstate Essay

1070 words - 5 pages

Researcher Jacob Applebaum recently made some statements that raised my eyebrows.
"it appears the United States of America had been involved in illegal break ins in Berlin,
Germany. Jacob Appelbaum, a Berlin-based US journalist with access to some of Edward
Snowden´s documents, claims there have been a series of raids on his apartment, saying
he suspects possible US involvement." [1] In my opinion, there are flaws in his logic. For
those unaware of Mr. Applebaum, here is the gist of it: Jacob (ioerror) is a respected
security peer, he has worked on Tor, is a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow, and has
done some phenomenal security research throughout the years however, his theory
of the US being after him may be all wrong.

Jacob is one of a few individuals who is privy to the documents stolen by Edward Snowden.
However you choose to view what Snowden did is irrelevent. Fact of the matter is what it
is, Snowden stole documents, Jacob received said documents. With that tidbit out of the
way, let us put into perspective who would want to target Jacob, and why, as well as,
why I don't believe the United States is to blame for the alleged breakin at his flat.

Every Government Worldwide
Every Terrorist Organization Worldwide
Corporations Worldwide
Black, White, and Grey Hat Hackers Worldwide
Organized Criminals Worldwide

Every government in the world, would love to view the documents stolen by Snowden.
There is no hocus-pocus to this statement. Even US allies salivate at the opportunity
to see what the United States is doing, has done, how its doing it. This makes Jacob
a prime target for everyone.

Every terrorist organization in the world now knows via news reports that they are
under monitor in some capacity. If Jacob thinks for one second, that a terrorist
organization would not like to see what is occurring via way of the USA, then he is
living in a fantasy land.

Corporations worldwide. There is a lot of money at stake with regards to loss of
finance (being outed as working with the NSA), as well as monies to be made by
developing capabilities for the United States, and other governments worldwide.
If Jacob believes that a corporation does not have the capacity to perform high
levels of espionage, he apparently has not heard of companies like XE, Chameleon
Associates, Protection Group International, and that list goes on. There are plenty
of "for hire" players in this market.

Black, White, and Grey Hat Hackers. None can be trusted, not even the closest
friends. This is not to say a friend would deliberately "own" (compromise) Jacob,
it is to state fact, not everyone has the "fortitude" to carry the weight of the world
on their shoulders. People crack, all the time, and let's face it, money talks. There
are thousands of hackers who would, and likely are, targeting Jacob.

Organized criminals worldwide also salivate at the chance for a quick payday. This
is common sense. If it hasn't been realized, outside of any...

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