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Enemy Of The Night Essay

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The moment of fear you feel when being pursued by a veiled murderer, running for your life through a gloomy side street. You cry and yell out for help but no one can hear you. You collapse, and before you know it, the veiled murderer is standing directly in front of you. He pulls out an ax and you wake up saturated in perspiration, realizing it was all just a nightmare. We all have experienced a nightmarish moment, maybe more than once. Nightmares can be very disconcerting because nightmares are hard to understand. What produces a nightmare and why does a nightmare acts a certain way? Most people think nightmares are nothing more than just a wicked dream, a meek nightmare to wake up from ...view middle of the document...

One cause for nightmares is trauma. Traumatic events can often initiate nightmares, as stated here by IASD, “Many people experience nightmares after they have suffered a traumatic event, such as surgery, the loss of a loved one, an assault or a severe accident”. Having nightmares after a traumatic event is quite possible. The nightmares would most likely be centered on the traumatic event. Another cause can be medications, as the Mayo Clinic explains about medications, “Some drugs — including certain antidepressants, narcotics, barbiturates, beta-blockers and drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease — can trigger nightmares”. Most medications have a warning about causing nightmares, as well as other things. Eating a bedtime snack can be a reason for nightmares. Eating right before bed causes the metabolism and brain activity to increase. Another cause for nightmares is stress. Even the most ordinary stress of someone’s everyday life can cause a nightmare. Major changes such as moving and death can also be a cause for nightmares. Nightmares, however, can be prevented.
Preventing nightmares does not sound easy, does it? Some say treatment is not really necessary, while others say it depends on the source of the nightmare. Mayo Clinic talks about how nightmares themselves can’t really be stopped, but say, “If the nightmares are...

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