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David Price said if fossil fuels run out, then there will be no other energy source more efficient to take their place and the human population will suffer because of that. Oil and other fossil fuels are vanishing at a rate of 4 billion tons per year (Ecotricity). Given how much the United States and other large, densely populated countries like China and India utilize these very accessible and cheap energy sources, I agree with what he said.

According to the scientists at CarbonCounted, the three fossil fuels: oil, natural gas and coal, all have different estimated time periods when they will run out. The most popular fossil fuel, oil, is estimated to still have enough resources to fill 800 million barrels (Kathryn). That may seem like a lot, but we are using that oil at a faster rate than any other fossil fuel. Because of this, the oil is due to run out within our lifetime, between the years 2025 and 2070 (Kathryn). Natural gas is estimated to have 6,000 trillion cubic feet available, but with the current rate of usage could last only about 50 years (Kathryn). Not only is there a limited supply, natural gas is difficult to transport because of its likeliness to explode. Therefore, natural gas is usually only used locally to where it is received from, ultimately, making it harder for other countries to obtain and use the energy source. Finally, although coal is the fossil fuel that is easiest to obtain because it can be found 300 feet below land level, and most of the coal deposits found in the

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