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The topic of energy is one that is seen in the news more and more as each day passes. As most Americans can tell you these days, energy is essential for industrial and technological development in this or any other country. However, some believe that certain traditional methods of producing energy, such as burning fossil fuels, are depleting the earth’s limited supply of natural resources and may also be harmful to the environment. They encourage the use of renewable sources of power, such as wind turbines or hydroelectric plants. While some debate humans being the cause of climate change, others believe mankind has barely made a mark on what our planet has to offer us. Conserving energy has nearly become as important an issue as producing it. This essay will explore the issues of traditional resources, the benefits of using new, renewable sources of power, and multiple methods of energy conservation.
In order to have a source of energy, there must be a source of fuel. Of course, the very first resource used as a fuel was lumber. Firewood has been a necessity for survival since the dawn of mankind. Trees also allowed for the invention of countless tools that man needed in order to progress science further, but as trees became more scarce, and inventions became more inspired, man would have to turn to some other source of energy. It was then that humans began using non-renewable resources as our primary sources of energy.
Non-renewable resources are constantly being consumed faster than they can be produced. Once these resources are depleted, there is none left to satisfy future needs for them. Examples of
non-renewable resources include fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Coal has been used as a fuel for thousands of years. Miners dug deep within the earth and at the time, it seemed like the supply of coal might just last forever. The need for coal sparked the American Industrial Revolution and introduced new inventions such as the steam engine.
Petroleum oil, another non-renewable resource, is found beneath the earth’s surface and is collected through oil drilling. The conversion from oil to gasoline allowed for the invention of the automobile. Today, Petroleum is perhaps our most valuable source of fuel. Oil drills and refineries can be found all over the world, and the demand for this fuel has grown so great that it has caused a worldwide crisis.
While some countries depend on oil as a source of fuel, others depend on exporting oil as their primary source of income. “The U.N. Security Council has terminated its authorization of foreign military operations in Libya. And as of tomorrow night, NATO's bombing campaign there will be over. Libyans now have to focus on the future, which includes reconstruction after the devastation of war. Some of the money for that effort may come from the country's oil wealth” (CAN OIL FUEL LIBYA'S RECONSTRUCTION? 1).
The burning of fossil fuels has become a notorious cause of...

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