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Power Corruption Comparison In Animal Farm Book

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Throughout our lives, we have learned that when strong vs. week, the strong usually wins. Unfortunately, it does not always happen like that for government or elected individuals. Normally, no one would think that oppression leads to communism, but because of real life events involving the US and the government of another country, it is somehow in our minds. This is the point George Orwell uses in his book Animal Farm. He uses characters such as Snowball and Napoleon to illustrate how absolute power corrupts absolutely.
When hurt, people can direct all of their energy into a more positive idea that might not be pleasant to all. The pain of the trauma can be everlasting as well as the hurt. In most cases, people try to take revenge on the ones who hurt them. An example of this would be kids being bullied in school. Once the bullied child is fed up, weapons are introduced in order to help the kid defend themselves. The pain can make it difficult to rebuild relationships even after years of psychology. Once emotionally scarred, there is no bandage that can help you heal. Many “crime victims continue to feel overwhelmed,” (From Pain to Power, 1998) even years after the psychological events. The common definition for revenge is simply to repay others for deceit. The overall lesson is that pain leads to revenge, and revenge leads to more pain.
Old Major believed that animals were born into the world as slaves. He felt that humans have betrayed him. In the story he says, "...and the very instant that our usefulness has come to an end, we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness...old". He believes that when the purpose is fulfilled or they can no longer serve, that are murdered. After OM dies, the animals then try to carry out the image he installed into their heads with the song "Beasts of England"(Ch.1). They wanted to create a utopian society, but did not know when the rebellion predicted by OM would take place. The animals were comfortable with living in a light oppression environment until Old Major pointed out how wrong it was and that one was forced to live under harsh conditions. They fought back and thus came Animalism.
Democracy is said to be ending, but it actually ended long ago. Just because the United States is democratic and has 'real' elections, does not mean everything we do is completely by and for the people. Although we try to “promote democracy and human rights” (SIRS Gov.), it does not always happen. There have been many presidents that have tried to make everything democratic over the years. Although at times their intentions were well, it never ended well in the end. In some cases, they believed that people were not capable enough to think for themselves. An example would be our Representatives. The United States seems to make promises to their countries and influence them to practice something that we ourselves do not even practice. Sounds bizarre right? This sparked more...

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