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Energy Drinks: Red Bull Essay

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It is taken for granted that Red Bull is one of the leading companies which is seeking for demanding and offering the best services and products in the field of manufacturing the soft energy drinks all over the whole world. Red Bull has a great opportunity in offering the high-quality products because it always seeking for attracting the great number of population among the world’s countries by applying the required strategies and policies which serve the common interest of the company and give the company the chance to expand its limits among the other competitors of the market who are competing strongly in the field of manufacturing energy drinks.
Red Bull is an Austrian product in origin which was manufactured by Red Bull Gmnh in 1987. The market of Red Bull was increased and developed recently because of the increased amount of product sales in 2012 to reach 5.2 billion sold cans per year and increasing; thus, the management of the company concerns basically with the marketing and promotion as one of the strongest and powerful weapons that could be used by any successful corporation aiming to maintain this success for long time.
Recognition of the company and its business is important for the readers to be realized because company like Red Bull has to be well-known corporation for its loyal customers; besides attracting the other different categories of the communities in order to enjoy the high-quality products and meet their requirements and needs of drinking like this energetic drink. On the other hand, the report is seeking for the most important than previewing the company and its historical side, the matter which is represented in paying close attention in order to understand the different problems which are related to the nature of practiced business and could be considered as a great obstacle on the way of company’s success and progress.
Anyway, the discussed problem has a great influence on both of the social and economic aspects of the company because it is relate to the reputation of the company on the social level; besides the negative influences which could be occurred directly on the financial or economic side of the company. As a result, the paper is concerning also with finding some recommendations in order to reflect the suitable solutions to handle these problems.
Reason for research
The basic reason of research is represented in discussing the essential issues which could be considered as obstacles for the management of the company. After determining the problems, the management seeks for providing the long discussion about the affects which are associated with the problem and its negatives on the reputation of the company and the economic risks which could be resulted behind this problem after the management’s performance towards detecting the source of the problem by concerning with the techniques and methods that are used by the management in order to collect the required information and data.
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