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Energy From The Wind Essay

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Energy from the Wind

The world today is run by energy. Scientists are constantly thinking of new ways to create energy. The creation of energy might be the most valuable creation ever. Something that is even more valuable than energy is renewable energy. Renewable energy is any natural resource that can replenish itself naturally over time, as wood or solar energy; also called renewable energy, renewable energy resource, and renewable natural resource. The principle behind Wind Power is the conversion of kinetic energy of wind to electrical energy. The source of the power isn’t just the wind. An uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun with the pressure difference in the atmosphere creates the creation of wind. The devices that are used are Wind turbines that are driven by air pushing on the blades which turns the generator to allow the production of electricity. The power depends on the length of the turbine blades and the wind speeds. The conversion rate is 45 percent. The Windmill has been used ever since 500 AD. It was one of the earliest and most important instrument for power at its time. Wind energy has many advantages and disadvantages. With most things in life, a positive usually will be followed by a negative.

Wind Power has been used first by the Persians. The created the idea of the Windmill. Between the years of five hundred to nine hundred A.D. the vertical axis windmills were created. The Persians used these Mills for grinding grain, which was their most important crop at the time. Four hundred years later the English upgraded to the Post Mills. The difference was that the axis of the windmill was now horizontal, not vertical. It was used for grinding grain and pumping water. In the 1300’s Tower mills were created. They were built out of brick and stone and were redefined by the Dutch. In the 1800’s the wind mill had finally reached the American West. These windmills were used to pump water for farms and ranches. The crops doubled in amount and made the job of the farmer a little bit easier. Wait a second, a whole lot easier. Instead of fetching the water and bringing it back, they were able to guide the water to were they wanted it. A lot less sweat was endured. From the windmills scientists were able to created advances in turbine technology which has made wind power economically competitive with fossil fuels and nuclear energy (Stover). The turbine consists of a rotor, electric generator and spend control system tower. The history of the Wind Mill is the sole reason why we are capable of using wind power nowadays with the help of turbines.

With wind power not being a fossil fuel it has its many advantages for beings used. Wind power allows there to be free renewable resource. We will never run out...

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