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Energy Issues In A Growing China A Bottleneck For Further Economic Growth ?

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1.0 Introduction25 years of economic reforms and growth unsurpassed in human history has made china the freight train economy of the world. China is not the biggest economy, but given time, there is no argument that china will be. However, in any given developing country there are several bottlenecks on important resources which can seriously hinder or even stagnate the economic development. In this report, the student will look at what issues the impending energy shortage china faces might mean to further development. How is the situation, what challenges does china face in energy production and consumption, and what might happen if these demands are not met?This student will try to answer that question through looking at the general growth of china the last 25 years, look at GDP growth, and link this to the Energy consumption vs energy production ( and import) of china. By doing so, the student will try to answer the questionHow does Chinas energy consumption correspond with its economic growing potential?The seed of modern China was planted in December 1978; two years after Chairman Mao's death cleared the way for change. VP Deng Xiaoping established his level of authority by starting a reform of the Chinese economy. More openness to market economy, more openness towards FDI, and more foreign influence in the Chinese markets.Chinese statistics show the real GDP to grow at an annual rate of 7.0% -. 9,3% thus making China the largest growing economy in history. ( real GDP grew by appr.9,5% Q1 2005.)During the last two decades the GDP increased 6.3 fold.In the beginning of 1979 China, under the architecture of Deng Xiao Ping, launched a series of economic reforms. Among the first feeble attempts were price and ownership incentives to the rural farmers, encouraging these to sell off parts of their crops onto the free market. Also, the governments established 4 so-called "special economic zones" aimed to attract FDI, boosting exports, and importing high tech equipment into China. More reforms followed in stages, in order to decentralize economic policymaking in several sectors. Provisional and regional governments were given the economical control over enterprises in their areas, and were in general allowed to conduct their business in the free marked, rather than under centralized guidance and planning.Along the coastal areas, cities were designated as open cities \ development zones, and allowed to experiment with market reforms, tax and trade incentives to attract foreign investments. And eventually state control and pricing on a multitude of products and resources was eliminated, furthering foreign interest in china.2.0 Historical GDP growth, and Energy usageChina, with its unprecedented historical growth, has also an unprecedented energy consumption that follows along the same lines as its GDP growth. With an annual average GDP growth of 9,3%, energy quickly become a scarce resource.Already around 1980, it became clear that the energy reserves...

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