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Energy Management Systems Essay

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Principle Contractors


ABB is one of the biggest company in power and automation technologies. It operates in around 100 countries and has been in operation for over 120 years. The ABB Group is specialist in power semiconductors, grid automation technologies, and grid communication standards. Therefore they have a great knowledge in smart grid technologies. The major focus of this company is distribution automation, however, they also provide solutions for energy storage, distribution grid hardware, network management, metering and communications, FACTS/HVDC, and enterprise software for demand management [1].


Aclara is one the major provider of meter data management and consumer engagement solutions. The enterprise is also expert in advanced metering infrastructure and utility networks. The company work in nine countries and serve over than 500 utilities [1].

Aclara is currently in production with Pennsylvania Power & Light to connect the utilities of its 1.5 million customers with distribution planning and forecasting. In the Latin America, Mexico’s Federal Commission of Electricity chose Aclara's powerline advanced metering infrastructure networking on a project that will also allow in-home displays.


eMeter is specialist in software that manages the enormous amount of data coming from smart meters, providing integration between meter data management and advanced metering infrastructure for utilities information systems. They have over 25 million meters under contract and serve utilities across North America, Europe, and Australia [1].

The company is responsible for a project of a new smart grid framework for 1.1 million customers. Long Island Power Authority and National Grid Electric Services LLC selected eMeter for both EnergyIP meter data management and the Energy Engage consumer portal.


Today, IBM provide many services such as consulting, hosting and infrastructure services, and, most notably, computer hardware and software. IBM has developed a several solutions to improve energy use and power generation, and also to provide communication between customers and utilities. IBM has increase sharply over the past three years and it is believed to increase more in the future [1].


Itron is one of the major smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure networking companies in the electrical supply industry. The company is also expert in electric, gas, and water smart distribution in many part of the planet. Itron’s smart metering data collection and software systems are used by around 8,000 utilities in the world [1].

The enterprise has deploy around 5 million meters for Southern California Edison, along with rollouts for Sempra (San Diego), CenterPoint in Houston, and Detroit Edison. Additionally, Itron earns nearly 66 percent of its incomes outside North America, with many international contracts held by Actaris, a company Itron bought for $1.6 billion in 2008. Actaris offers electric, gas, and...

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