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Energy Planning ProposalBy Brandon MorganSCI 362Professor Howard SchmidtSeptember 2, 2014In this time energy is one of the most sought after resources we ask for. It powers just about everything we deal with and use on a daily basis. From the ATM to the charger for your phone. This energy costs money yet should we just throw the money towards the simplest solution at the time, or would it be wiser to look towards the long term use of the method of making energy? Renewable energy while it's most negative aspect is the costly measures of setting it up has possibly one of the best three aspects about it. One it emits little to no greenhouse gases. Second it is an energy source that renews itself so it has little chance of actually running out. Finally it becomes increasingly cost effective over the long term making it possible to acquire better means to gather even more energy.While weighing the pros and cons of each source of energy manufacturing, the city came up with the most practical and efficient methods of producing energy that should fit within both the current budget and a long term budget. Hydroelectric energy, wind power, solar power, and geothermal are four constant sources that are both easy to monitor and maintain. At the budget of 10 billion dollars with these four forms of energy we still make the budget with an extra 1,000 megawatts of energy.Wind energy is a clean renewable source of energy that is free to acquire and does not produce any sort of pollution. Once a turbine is built the cost of the operations is miniscule in comparison so over time the city can easily get back its money's worth. The mass production of materials for turbines and new technologies are making turbines cheaper. Also the government offers tax incentives to help encourage such use of a wind farm(National Geographic 2014). A wind farm is an area where several turbines are set up to generate power. Since this often requires an area that is void of trees it is suggested that solar farms be set within the same area.Solar energy also requires large areas that lack trees to try and accumulate as much sunlight as possible into collectors to gather energy. If placed correctly in-between the turbines of the wind farms it is possible to create a sort of air vacuum that could assist the turbines while making the room for the solar fields. Tax incentives are also made for the use of solar panels. A secondary way to use such solar methods would be to place these panels on the roofing throughout the city using those rooftops to create one large solar farm. This could save space for future expansion of the city. Hydroelectric power is another renewable energy source that is generated through the force of falling water (TVA Kids 2014). It is one of the most cost effective, cleanest, and reliable sources of energy out there. This is done by damming up water to create a reservoir only for it to be released to create a sort of pressure to make turbines spine and generate...

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