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Energy Resource Paper

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Natural gas is an odorless, colorless, and is very combustible. It literally runs the world we live in. Its very abundant in the United States of America. We use it for everything from heating homes to cooking food and generating heat. ( , 2011)
Natural gas is drilled. It is drilled by digging into an area where a team of geophysical scientists think there is natural gas.( , 2011)
Then an oil rig is built to pump the natural gas out of the ground for it to be taken by pipeline to a factory that converts it into liquid.(Vivek Chandra , 2013)
It costs a lot of money to drill for natural gas because you have to dig into the ground then build a gas pump.( , 2011)
As of November 18th 2013 the average price of natural gas was $2.10 per gallon. (, 2013)
Natural gas is used for a lot of things,from heating water to lighting street lamps and houses. Natural gas is used to create 24⁒ of the energy that we use in the United States. ( , 2011) Natural gas is cheaper than most things we use for energy, it is even puting nuclear energy out of buisness. (MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, 2013)
There are a few theories on how natural gas was formed, some of them are; that millions of years ago it was formed when plants and tiny sea animals were buried by sand and rock. Then layers of sand, mud, and rock built up until the heat and pressure turned them into natural gas and oil. Another theory is that earth is made up of early materials that combined in space billions of years ago when the structure of earth evolved. And that the materials are still buried far below the earths crust where they have stayed for 4.5 billion years.(State of Connecticut, 2013)
Natural gas is converted into energy by special turbines that suck in air and use fire to ignite the gas and spin a generator to power it.(CPS ENERGY, 2013) Natural gas has to be sent to a gas plant to be treated for impurities. (U.S. environmental protection agency, 2013)
It is the second largest source of energy in the U.S. It was supposed to be the clean energy that is used until the U.S. can find greener energy. there could be wars over natural gas because the U.S. could try to import more from other places and they could fight back.(Vanguard Media Limited, 2013)
If the U.S. continues to use natural gas there is a supply that will last at least 100 years. (Reason Foundation, 2012) The world reserves have about 190 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. The world reserves will last about 220 years according to the IEA or the international energy agency.(OECD/IEA, 2013)

Nuclear energy is energy from the core of an atom. Atoms are torn apart by the process of nuclear fission.(National Nuclear Regulator, 2013) Nuclear energy is the splitting of uranium atoms by fission. The fission generates heat which produces steam from water to spin a turbine to generate electricity.(Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, 2013)
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