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Energy Resource Paper

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Our resources are really important to the world. We humans just can’t seem to understand that. Tar sands provide us with oil for transportation and many other things. Now, it feels like we are to a peeking point in the production of tar sand. Tar sands are needed and wanted for the world, but, with how much we don’t seem care about it, there will be consequences and not very good ones either.
Tar sands are a mixture of sand, clay, water, and bitumen, a heavy, black, thick oil. Tar sands can sometimes be called oil sands. They can have both qualities of a solid and liquid, while being thick and sticky. This is called a vicious semisolid. Most of it is found in Canada. Located in the northern regions, Canada’s forest contains about 1/3 of the world’s tar sands. However, as a fossil fuel, “tar sands are not clean or healthy” (James, F. (2013). Some people even fight over tar sands when the world needs cleaner energy. XL, K. (N/A), The Earth, F. O. (N/A), James, F. (2013), and Thompson, S. (2012).
Tar sands began to form millions of years ago. It began in oceans, streams, and rivers, when microscopic organisms and tiny marine animals died. They sank to the bottom and, over time, built up. Then, pressure and heat crushed and squished the dead organisms into petroleum, oil. Rivers that ran into the oceans and streams deposited sediment and sand into the petroleum. Earth’s constantly moving surface shifted the tar sands and water to different places, so they are where they were deposited today. N/A. (N/A).
The oil made from tar sands can be mined by open pit, strip mining, and underground heating with the constant rising of heat techniques. Large shovels are used to scoop out the greasy interior, which is then hauled to a processing plant. The tar sand is added to water and forms slurry. This forces the sand to sink to the bottom, while the bitumen stays on top. The bitumen is extracted and the run-off is piped into a large pond of sand, water, and bitumen, where it does not flow, change, process, or activate. Sadly, mining tar sands take a lot of energy. It needs two to four tons of tar sand and two or four barrels of water just to create one barrel of oil. Tar sand companies have to destroy forest environments and use a lot of work and energy to turn the slurry into oil. Tar sands, in general, harm the forest, waste enormous amounts of water, disrupt any people living in the area, and can threaten our climate. N/A. (N/A).
To create energy from tar sands, the tar sands are mined and brought to a preparation plant. There, it is put in a huge tank and slurry in added to remove the sand and water. To remove the minerals, the tar is mixed with naphtha, a chemical solvent. Finally, the mixture is heated to about 900 degrees Fahrenheit and hydrogen is added, forming energy. Thompson, S. (2012), Conger, C. (2011, September 2), and The Earth, F. O. (N/A).
Oil sands are used throughout the world because it is necessary for life. It is used for motor oils...

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