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Energy Resource Essay

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Today there are many ways of getting fossil fuels. One way humans get fossil fuels is tar sand. Tar sands combinatoin of sand, clay and the precious Bitumen. Bitumen is a thick black soil which is key for oil. Tar sands are located every were but are found in bigger clumps in some area such as Australia, Canada, and Nigeria.
Tar sand is mined thought two basic ways. One way is is though open pit mining. Open pit mining is where you go to were ever the resource is located and just slow taking away layers of the earth. A negative thing to open pit mining is that it only works on resources or in this case fossil fuels that are close to the surface. Another way tar sands are minded is but a drill and essentially an over sized vacuum. This way is really ineffective for fossil fuels that are close to the surface but is effective for deep mining.
The cost of mining this form of oil is greatly increasing because the demand for oil is increasing. Although many people are debating wither we should take out the millions of dollars out on our new mining and transfer it into more steam powered technology. There are many people that say we should just stop mining because it is damaging the earth. While on the other hand there are many that say we should continue to mine so we can uphold are way of current life on this cheap oil yet costly oil.
Tar sand are used as a suplmeint oil or as a replacer oil for crude oil. Ther are used like that because the earth is running low on crude oils. Tar sands are used for many different reasons. One reason they are used is because people that don’t understand the economic and environment damage it is doing. Another reason is there are people who understand what is doing to the environment and economy but don’t care because it is making them money or allowing them to drive nice cars that are gas guzzler such as the hummer at least in my opinoin . Tar sand s are also used because some people believe that there easy to acquire and that there is no harm in minning, and that we need it because it essential.
Tar sand are formed over long periods of time under pressure. Tar sand s are old fossils that were on there way to becoming oil but on the way down there path that had mixed with water sand or clay tar sands are converted over to energy by first extracting the bitumen from the clay sand and water. You can do this by first heating up the water inside of it. Which then knocks away most the clay and sand. Then it travels in a tube to another heat holding cell witch then reheats it to and even hotter tempiture then before and mix with air causing all of the bitumen gas to come up as bubbles and relaxed on the surface of the water. After 10 minutes the use a scrapper to scrap all of the bubbles of which is the oil into a another holding cell which takes out all the minerals. Then machine separates all the oil into even amounts and put it into barrels and now it’s ready to ship.
The poltical imporntance of this is...

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