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Energy Storage Essay

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Energy Storage
A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device. A fuel cell converts the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen into water, and in the process it produces electricity but it does not store any amounts of electricity except for a tiny quantity for self-activation. This method permits surplus energy formed in wind power plants as well as solar power plants to be stored and recycled/converted, instead of being unused. Accumulating the operation of renewable power plants aids to take full advantage of the return on investment and lower the cost of electricity. Fuel cell services have energy converting qualities which can be voluntarily used to renew back chemicals to ...view middle of the document...

Fuel cells and electrolysers are matching technologies. An electrolyser cell is considerably similar to a fuel cell run, in converse, utilizing electricity instead of manufacturing it. The electrolyser converts electrical energy into chemical energy, which in turn facilitates the storage of electricity. Commercial electrolyser technology is extensively obtainable and contains both proton exchange membrane and alkaline electrolysers. As pure hydrogen is the fuel manufactured in this state, any type of fuel cell can be used to transform this into electricity in stationary power generation. Hydrogen can also be made in a number of ways from biomass, permitting for the addition of this energy source in a whole renewable energy system. The most efficient way to transform hydrogen back to electricity is via fuel cells. This is not limited to grid electricity; in definite circumstances the stored hydrogen can be averted for trade as fuel to fuel cell electric vehicle owners. For example, this method is essential for fuel cell vehicles, the technology of choice is proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) which requires energy manufactured from hydrogen. Also, Hyundai’s advanced new ix35 Fuel Cell can be used as a reputed example of fuel cell technology because it is the world’s first full production fuel cell vehicle which has become quite famous in the whole of UK as it is one of the most innovative, green technology and its arrival in London is a vital part of London’s Hydrogen Network Expansion project. Finally, to sum up the fuel cell converting qualities which can help power generation, mentioning the helpful converting abilities is vital;
• Fuel cells convert and level power generation with a swift charge/discharge capacity.
• Also, they adjust operation to track consumption peaks by converting energy from one state/ form to another.

Feasibility in Kuwait
In Kuwait, the demands for both electric power and desalted water are uninterruptedly growing with the water demand overtaking power demands. Co-generation steam power desalting plants also known as CPDP are used to produce both power and desalted water with steam extracted from steam turbines to supply the desalting divisions. In Kuwait, the power production capacity is matching the highest power demands, but the desalting capacity is below the top demand. It is not feasible to install more desalters to these CPDP because of the inadequate...

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