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Enforcing Harsher Animal Abuse Penalties Essay

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Enforcing Harsher Animal Abuse Penalties
Should a man who sexually abused and tortured his girlfriend's kitten face only eighteen months of prison? People who commit these crimes usually face minimum time in jail and many times it does not even appear on their record. Animals are living creatures and therefore; should not be harmed in any kind of way and especially not killed. Due to the fact that most animals are in this world as a benefit to the human population, favorable treatment should be giving in return. Therefore, cruelty to animals must be stopped before it turns into a situation that is out of hand and would be nearly impossible to control. If harsher penalties were eased then unappealing result do not have to be a consequence to be concerned about, such as illegal hunting and animal abuse. Animals around the world deserve respect and fair treatment; therefore illegal hunting and animal abuse must stop by enacting stricter laws and harsher penalties
All animals around the world should be treated fairly and do not deserved being torture by humans. Due to the fact that animals are in this world as a benefit to humans in many ways. Some of the ways that animals are beneficial to humans can be determine by primarily being our food source. “Use that carelessly drifted into abuse, of a kind of intimacy with the animal world which generated behavior that seems now merely weird [...] history of the relationship with animals over some 900 years. If we needed it, or wanted it, animals were made to provide it” (MacGregor ). Many people take for advantage many of the animals, caring less if animals are about any problems, such as if they are becoming extinct. All people care is about satisfying their desires on what they think it is best for themselves rather the animals, making a sweater out of the animal's fur for example. That is why there needs to be more harsher laws to prevent humans from continuing supporting terrible crimes such as these. Not only it is not fair animals to be killed, it is also another way to show people how mistreat animals are being treated by humans. “They are sentimental beings who are clearly capable of experiencing pleasure pain and suffering. Consequently, respecting their intrinsic value entails releasing them from involuntary association with humans” (D'Silva and Turner). Animals do have emotions like every human does, equally sharing the same pain, happiness, and sadness feelings like people do. As a result animals should not have to go through painful experiences, since they can be referred to being the same as people. “The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) promotes appreciation for and humane treatment of animals, encourages enforcement of anticruelty laws, and works for the passage of legislation that strengthens existing animal protection laws” ("American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" ). Although there are many animal being abuse, there are also...

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