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The obesity in the UK is the highest in Europe and according to dozens of researchers the rate would possibly increase sharply in the next few years. Obesity is due to an unhealthy lifestyle, too much junk food and lack of activity. Poor health leads to many diseases such as high blood pressure heart disease, cancer, etc. Obesity impacts people’s living standard and also effects wider society. With the aim of preventing the rise of obesity, governments have taken action by introducing a new fat tax, a tax which is focused on high sugar content food. In this essay I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of fat tax, and conclude with my opinion.
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I will explain briefly those contexts before we move to the next part. Health condition and lifestyle are in the same section, they are top reasons that make people gain weight and cause obesity. As a result, some effects are created. They are bad living condition, less job opportunity and discrimination. Finally, I will suggest some possible sollutions to decrease obesity rate such as government grant or subsidy, fat tax, etc.
Primary research (2014) shows that there are many reasons for obesity. Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of activities could be the most significant reason. People can simply understand that unhealthy lifestyle is the way people eat and the food eaten include exceed fat. Online source conclude that unhealthy foods contain excess calories and cholesterol. In addition, people tend to consume these food quite often and kids are really obessed with fast food such as cheese burger, chicken fried and pizza.The underlying message in GLA’s education book about “Childhood obesity in London” is that children from 11-16 choose other vehicles rather than walking and cycling to school because it was too far and they feel unsafe. Also in this book the author indicate that young aldult in London who didn’t take part in physical activity said they have other stuff to do and didn’t have enough time to cover everything. Besides that, obese people spend less time playing sport and doing outdoor activities such as family camping, school picnic, soccer, swimming and running. These activities not only help people burn all the excess calories, they are also good for health (support blood circulation).
It is clear in Denis Campell’s article (The guardian 2011) that there is a greater risk of being obese at a low level of income. In the article, professor Jack Winkler conclud that consumers habitually buy larger bottle, choose cheaper shop, drink cheaper brand or any product on special offer. Nobody can ensure that all of these product are good and contain healthy nutrition. In addition, people who live in poverty have poor access to fresh food, thus they are often hungry and in this case a big potion of cheap fast food is the only solution. Futher evidence of this is that, sport centers, gyms and sport facilities are less available in poor areas. The government tend to invest and improve the central part and show less upgrading effort to other parts.
Last but not least, there are several environmental and external factors which cause obesity. People should have a long term plan instead of short term diet plan, in long term we choose to eat healthy and do activity frequently. Unfortunately, the world with advanced technology prevent people from physical activity. For example, people choose to drive rather than walk, travelling by car is faster and save more time than walking. Things like lift, internet, smart phone, etc. reduce people’s excercise intensity. Another factor is the fast food company marketing strategy. McDonald and KFC have kid’s meal...

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