Engaged Students And Passive Students Essay

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Most of the people want to succeed, beside that they want to be respected by others. Some people tend more respect to a person who has good knowledge and more intellectual. So, They general way of approached is pursuing their education. Then after further classifying, there are divided into two different types of student in the university. One became engaged students, while the other became passive students. Engaged students are who can get the learning environment, so they understand the new information from their lecture and can execute the prior knowledge into new knowledge about the content then practice using it. While, passive students are who assumed attending the course will fill ...view middle of the document...

Because they expect to get The GPA as high as possible so they hope excellence mark can lead them to promising jobs and later on lead them to be successful person. Engaged students tend to plan their future and they motivate by their expectations. While the passive student is basically unmotivated and spontaneously face the future. They main expectation is just to achieve the degree that they are paying for, does not seem to care how great the mark they go but they hope to get great marks without studied. Furthermore, they attend university to wasting their time to playing around, find some friends or fiancee, look for business partners, and some of them attend university because being forced by their parents. The second is the term of personality. Engaged students are very competitive in academia means they enjoy the competition to get the greatest mark in the class but some are taking it badly which to execute the competitors, workaholic, enthusiastic means they are curious about material and tend asking lots of questions, worried about procrastination means they wanted to finish anything as soon as possible, prefer multitasking in learning, while passive are easy going, often skip classes, lack of concentration in the class (for examples: come late, often going to the restroom, chit chat in the class, sleeping or daydreaming, playing gadget, or plagiarize others work). Then, the consistency. Active student works consistently in academia while the passive student tends to consist in sport activities or organization. Finally, exam preparation. Active will well prepare the exam material, they were paying...

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