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Engelhard Corporation SWOTT Analysis "The SWOTT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm's resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates." With Engelhard Corporation of Huntsville, Al being in the automobile supplying industry, there are many factors to consider when analyzing the company. Since this is a global organization there are many advantages and disadvantages that they face on a daily basis. Although I am an employee of this company, there are still some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends that I am not aware of and can only be analyzed from an upper management point of view. "A firm's ...view middle of the document...

This puts stress on the production workers, lab personnel and scheduling coordinators. I think they realize there is a problem here but need a better plan to prevent this from happening. They need to have better communication with their customers and give themselves a little more time to meet the deadlines. As new model vehicles are made, we are faced with new opportunities to develop the new converter to accommodate the automobile. Since we have a proven "track record" and a very trustworthy name, most automobile companies depend on us for their new technology. We have even managed to tap into the airplane, chainsaw, and motorcycle industries. As long as people are concerned with the environment and government regulations continue to tighten, there will always be opportunity for our company. I feel that we stay on top of things when it comes to realizing what opportunities there are in the market. There are always other markets we could tap into and I am sure that our developers are working on that. I believe that with every business's success also come its threats. Not knowing what the future holds for the automobile industry is always a scary subject. You hear talks about cars that do not operate and gasoline engines. Because of the no gas engine, you have less to worry about with pollution. This has to be a big scare for our company. Since focusing on making the environment cleaner is our main concern, automobile manufactures will not need us if there is no pollution to worry about. Competition is also a big threat to our company as well as many other companies who offer products. You always run the risk of a competitor "stealing" some of your business. We have also seen the effects of the economy and what it can do to our supply and demand factor. If people fear that the economy is getting worse then chances are they are not going to go...

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