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Engineering College Entry Essay

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Statement of Purpose
My research interests stem from the fact that engineering mechanisms and concepts have always fascinated me and urged me to explore the mechanical world. Every part of this technology rich world is made up of elements which come under the roof of mechanical engineering. My intent has been clear right from my first year of under graduation and it was to do research and specialise in the field of automotive engineering. My first leap towards this goal was my preference to do mechanical engineering in one of India’s top rated private universities. It awes me when I see engineers with grease all over the body, though for many it may seem weird. The reason behind opting for mechanical engineering during my under graduation is that it is the base for various other engineering like Aeronautical, manufacturing, Automotive, etc. and it will help me widen my horizon. So after my under graduation I would like to pursue my masters in Mechanical Engineering at your esteemed institution which is well known for its mechanical engineering program.
The aspiration to do Masters in Engineering is because of my passion towards engineering and my inspirational parents. They taught me that hard work is the shibboleth for success and let me live my life in my own way. They support and guide me in every walk of life and encourage me to pursue what I want.
My under graduation in Mechanical Engineering enlightened me with various important concepts from Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, IC engines, Design Of Transmission Systems and Manufacturing Technology. These subjects persuaded me to analyse concepts in the real world and its applications. IC Engines became one of my favourite subjects and indeed my liking for automobiles multiplied. During these three and a half years of under graduation the amount of water I have collected from the ocean of engineering is very limited. And my eagerness to learn more is unlimited. In the third year of my studies I started working on a project which aims at controlling the CO2 and CO emissions from automobiles. This project involved design, fabrication and testing of a device which is attached to the vehicle exhaust system and reduces the amount of the above mentioned greenhouse gases. The device was designed in Solidworks and simulated and analyzed in the same software. Then a prototype was fabricated and tested in real life conditions and all the test results were positive. This project is a major breakthrough for me and my research paper on the same is on its verge of completion. As an active member of SAE India (Society of Automotive Engineers), my designing skills were put to test in the virtual round of EFFI-CYCLE, a national level competition. The task was to design a highly efficient human powered vehicle which should be based on Green Technology.
I have also earned a master diploma in Mechanical CAD which includes various design and analysis software like AUTOCAD, PRO-E, Solidworks, ANSYS, NX-CAD,...

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