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According to the report from the USPTO, there are totally 576,763 patent applications in 2012. (1) Every single patient required the patient to make the engineering drawing to show how does the work looks like, then produce it and keep one testing and upgrading before sending the application to the government. Once they pass the application, probably they won’t be worried about the future living anymore. When the inventor got an idea, the very first step he may want to do is draw it out. He will use the picture to show his work’s shape, the motion, the details and the materials. Since the beginning of creating an invention, make an engineering drawing is so important. There are so many ...view middle of the document...

This note also shows the motion of the wing to demonstrate how it works and a person which wearing the machine to demonstrate how to use it, and the framework of the wing is very clear to see. The writing note at the side is written in a backward way, and he called it mirror writing (4). The reason is there is no copyright in the 14th century, and the old man didn’t want anyone behind him to stole his idea, so he wrote in a way that only he could read. (5)

This old man is so brilliant, and the world should know his name, Leonardo DA Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most well-known and greatest artists in the world. Not only near everyone should heard his hand drawing works, but also they are the priceless treasures that can only collect by the richest man or national museum. Even a piece of hand writing notes can create a numerous price at auction (5). Leonardo da Vinci created thousands of inventions designing in his life. His ideas were created before nearly 3 century, which was a year with limited technology and imperfect knowledge, but some of his ideas are very accurate and can still fully influence today's inventor's inspiration. His hand writing notes are not only world's treasures, but also have great valuable importance to research them. This is absolutely amazing because Leonardo da Vinci has great foresight, and he could come up with those superior ideas that no one around him may fully understand him. Leonardo's drawing skills, creativity and imagination are at the top of the world.

How to become the next Leonardo da Vinci or how to become a successful inventor like him? This is a really ground question. People that can be successful inventor have no limited on education level or even age. Think about the kid who created Minecraft (6). Minecraft...

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