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Engineering Of Stainless Steet Tea Kettles

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Engineering product material report
Stainless steel kettle

By Jacob Habeebeh
The kettle is a type of household appliance, usually manufactured of metal made for boiling water. The kettle is a widely used household item that has been developed and engineered over many years to boil water. It has been taken for granted, not appreciated of what engineers have done to manufacture this product and what thought and pressure the engineers had to undergo to produce such a simple product.
Kettles have been used ever since the ancient romans times, made from iron or a ceramic material. The first electrical kettles that used heating elements were introduced in 1891 by the Carpenter Electric Company of Chicago. The Ceramic kettle became widely used during world war two as metal used for the kettle was in short supply thus making ceramics the best material for kettles during that time not only this but because of the excellent properties ceramics.

The production of a kettle involves many materials and machines to manufacture it. The kettles manufactured today are made with many other materials other than what was used 50 years ago.
Today kettles are made using materials such as plastic, copper, stainless steel and may other products such as rubber and high resistance metals for the heating element. The stainless steel kettle that has been chosen for this report is made from many of these materials. The materials present in this kettle are stainless steel, copper, thermosetting plastic, rubber and a heating element which is made of a high resistance metal.
Stainless steel is one of the materials used in this kettle and is now used more frequently within kettles today because is it impressive properties, one of the main being its resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is made of steel and chromium and other materials in an electric arc furnace where recycled stainless scrap and other alloys of chromium are added to the mixture.
The stainless steel used in this kettle is most likely Grade 430 as this grade is a food grade stainless steel, within this mixture there is typically:
• 79.7% iron
• 17% chromium
• 0.12% carbon
• 0.75% nickel
• 1% manganese
• 1% silicon
• 0.4% phosphorus
• 0.03% sulfur
Stainless steel is much better than what was used 50 years ago, like ceramics. Ceramics are brittle and prone to thermal shock however stainless steels are not thus making it a much better choice than ceramics.
Copper is used may places within the electric kettle such as switches and wires. Copper is predominantly used in electrical products because of its high electrical conductivity, malleability and ductility. The power...

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