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England’s “Queen Elizabeth I” Essay

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On September 7, 1533 Queen Elizabeth was born to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. As Queen, she ruled over England without a king or any children. She implemented fierce political skills and a passionate personality, while disregarding marriage proposals and intensely flirting with many single swains (Britannia: Elizabeth I). Her father, Henry VIII was known for executing his wives. The king had publicized that any daughter of his would be "illegitimate" to the line of progression because his supposed sons would be immensely advantageous to sovereignty (Britannia Encyclopedia-Queen Elizabeth I). The King, Henry VIII executed Anne Boleyn for not bearing him with a son, but with a daughter who would grow up to be an icon of the English generation (Britannia Encyclopedia-Queen Elizabeth I).
Elizabeth was raised with many stepmothers, one whom she watched perish in parturition, one whom was divorced, and one even decapitated. Many believe this is her excuse for not ever marrying. Some suggest it was her pertinacious of dividing the authority with a husband (Britannia Encyclopedia-Queen Elizabeth I). Throughout her childhood, Elizabeth was very intelligent and was taught by extremely cultivated scholars some being William Grindal and Roger Ascham (Green, Robert 13). Being a brilliant student at her age, Elizabeth could converse in five different tongues almost being articulate as an adult. Approaching near to the time of his death, King Henry VIII had retaken the line of progression. Forthcoming after his death would be Prince Edward VI, Mary, and succeeding Mary would be Elizabeth (Green, Robert 26).
A fatal sickness took the life of adolescent King Edward VI and now Queen Mary I was to occupy the throne (Britannia Encyclopedia-Queen Elizabeth I). A problem had occurred concerning the throne among Elizabeth, Queen Mary I, and the Duke of Northumberland. The Duke attempted to compel his daughter-in-law the new leader of England (Putatunda, Rita). Now, Mary had formed an envy of Elizabeth because she had come to be more favored than Queen Mary I. The Queen had made the Dukes daughter-in-law believe Elizabeth was quietly making a deal with Thomas Wyatt to gain the thrown (Putatunda, Rita). Even if it was factual or phony, Elizabeth was seized and placed in jail. She was relocated to various prisons for almost fifteen months. Since she would take the throne after Queen Mary I, when Queen Mary I became fatally sick, her husband, Philip of Spain, signaled Elizabeth free of prison. He did this to establish a friendly relationship with her since she would be taking the throne after Queen Mary I would pass away (Putatunda, Rita).
On January 15, 1559 the crowning of the throne occurred. The new queen began to misuse her free time to do irrelevant activities. She began additional horseback riding prior to her regular routine. She also began shooting guns, vending goods, and watching joust matches along with drama too (Green, Robert 53). The Britannia Encyclopedia...


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