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English 10 Mid Term Essay

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A protagonist is the main character in a piece of literature, theatrical, cinematic, or musical narrative. This character can even be the narrator of the story in some cases. So, since the stories usually revolve around this character, his or her choices tend to affect not only themselves, but the other characters in the story. For example, in The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the main character Amir makes some pretty big choices, which end up affecting not only his, but his friends and family’s lives as well. The story is also narrated by a future version of Amir.
The Kite Runner is about Amir, an afghan boy who lives with his wealthy father Baba in Afghanistan, along with their two servants Ali and Hassan. Being close in age, Hassan is not only a servant for Amir, but his playmate as well. The two boys do a lot of things together including kite fighting tournaments, a cultural traditions in Afghanistan. During these tournaments a bunch of children fly kites with glass pieces of their strings through the air. The object of the tournament is to cut the other children’s kites, so that you have the last kite in the air, then you have officially won that years kite flying tournament. As a child Baba had won the tournament and wants his son, Amir to do the same. So, in order to get the love he’s craved from his father, Amir makes it his mission to win the kite fighting tournament. With the help of Hassan, Amir ends up winning the tournament, but doesn’t just settle for the win, he wants to get the last fallen kite as well. That way Baba has something to remember his victory by, but there’s just one problem, everyone else wants that kite too and it would be very difficult for him to get it. Lucky for him, Hassan is an expert at capturing the fallen kites and runs off, yelling a promise to get the kite for Amir behind him. He ends up getting the kite, as promise, but it comes with a cost and that cost is being raped by Assef, the neighborhood bully (Assef is also the antagonist or villain of the story). Amir had seen it starting to go on and instead of stopping it ran off, and later pretends he knows nothing about it. Hassan then starts to act weird and Amir still pretends to not know why, so he doesn’t like Hassan’s weird behavior and sets Hassan up, blaming his for stealing money and one of his watches to try and get Baba to kick him out. Hassan takes responsibility for stealing the items (Even though he really didn’t) and despite Baba’s protest, chooses to leave the house with his father Ali. A few years later the Taliban start a war in Afghanistan and for protection Baba and Amir leave Afghanistan to go to America. It’s hard for them to get by at first, since they went from a life of wealth to a poor one, but they manage to do so and Amir even becomes an author. Everything seems to be going okay, until Amir finds Baba hacking up blood one day and brings him to the doctor. They find out Baba had cancer and he refuses to get treatment for it,...

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