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Cheerleading, a World ItselfAs I tried to think of a discourse community to write about, I felt obligated to share the one I have been a part of since I was six, the world of cheerleading. Cheerleading has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Throughout the years I have learned words that I use in my every day vocabulary, whereas for non-cheerleaders, it may seem like a foreign language. Reflecting back, I now realize that because of my many years of cheerleading I am a part of a community that has shaped me into who I am today.Starting cheerleading at such a young age, I was oblivious to what I was getting myself into. My first time practicing I was introduced to a variety of people using terminology I didn't know existed. At the time, I wasn't prepared to learn what felt like a "second language". My first experience hearing this so called "cheer slang" was when my instructor explained what we were going to focus on for the remainder of the week. Using common sense, and with no experience in the cheer world, you would assume that a "toe touch" would simply mean bending over and touching your toes. But like anything else in cheerleading, it's not that simple. A toe touch, is a common jump where your arms are in a "T" motion and your legs split to each side, toes pointed with your knees up or pointed back. Apparently I was the only cheerleader who wasn't enlightened with this description, as the rest of the girls jumped up and I bended down.With lots of hard work and dedication, I reached my next step on the pyramid, middle school cheerleading. When it came time to try out for the team, I looked around at the nervous girls whose only admiration was from watching the "Bring it on" movies. From the very first practice it was clear who had previously had experience in cheerleading versus who had never cheered a day in their life, simply from their terminology and knowledge. Because I had years of experience, I was rewarded the confidence that helped me earn my position on the team. I noticed a pattern of mistakes kept coming from the same girls who didn't have former experience. They weren't aware that cheerleading was more than just the tricks they could do, but the understanding and knowledge behind it was equally important. My 6th grade year I was chosen to compete on the high school team when one of the girls hurt her ankle. I had 2 weeks to learn a 2 and a half minute routine that in a normal circumstance, would take a team months to master. It was important for me to know all the terminology when they were trying to teach me in a small amount of time, but because I had the experience, I was able to catch on faster than most. During this experience I learned what a kick full, one man, and an opening sequence was, which ultimately made me even more confident when returning back to my middle school team.In 3 short years, I was on to my next adventure, high school cheerleading. High school...

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999 words - 4 pages Japan Japan a nearly isolated area, surrounded by thousands of mountains that use to prevent outside attacks from the outside world. Japanese dictatorship run governmentHeaded by a prime minister and a culture unique to others. The Japanese people have lived their lives through tradition and culture, from Japanese marriages, to food, to the point of death. Japanese customs still remain with

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778 words - 3 pages When approaching the astoundingly huge floating metal structure, it's extremely hard to grasp the immense power and capabilities it holds. The bleak grey naval fighting ship, the USS Valley Forge (CG-50), is an amazing sight to be seen in the harbor of San Diego. At 2,513 tons of dead weight and a displacement of 9,909 tons, the Valley Forge is one of the largest cruisers in the world today. A ship of multiple purposes and endless uses make this

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639 words - 3 pages The first Wednesday of the month has abruptly come again. This is the day that I do all of the maintenance on my fish aquariums. There are 5 in all, and most people believe that it is a large chore to take care of that many. I honestly believe that it's not all that bad, and with a properly planned schedule, anyone can easily care for an aquarium; fresh or saltwater.I start out directly after school by changing into some jeans or shorts so that I

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560 words - 2 pages The similarities and differences between Arena football fields and Pro football fields can be discovered quickly at first glance. Someone would actually have to sit down and watch these games in order to distinguish the differences in the rules however. Though the players have similar duties, Arena teams still differ from the Pro teams. The scoring and timing are the same way; though very similar, they are still very different. The similarities

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833 words - 3 pages A BAD CHOICE At the end of the hall, two very large club bouncers were forcefully directing the masses of innocent, intoxicated party animals out the club exit and loose into the parking lot. It was 6:00 a.m. and the Matrix was closing down so the ignorant owner of the club could count his dirty money and swim in his evil creed. I was waiting outside in the cold parking lot next to two girls, one of which had "lego her ego" all in front of

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687 words - 3 pages Going HomeLoriEnglish 101Descriptive Essay09/11/03I sit on the bed looking at the milk white and blue marbled glass blown vase. The fragile glass flowers that are sitting about the rocks bring back the memories of a wonderful trip to Mexico we took with my grandparents when I was eight years old. How can it be so long ago since we have been home and seem like just yesterday? Memories flood my mind of times spent in the house set near the row of

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2884 words - 12 pages Day in and day out the cost of living continues to grow, inflation seems to be getting out of hand and at the same time, salaries just are not matching up. Individuals were taught by their parents, teachers or mentors that one needs to be educated, have a great work ethic and save for their retirement and by doing this they should be fine in life. Unfortunately, these individuals are seeing that times have change and now things are not quite the

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1924 words - 8 pages Random House, 1987. Soanes, Catherine. Pocket Oxford English Dictionary. Tenth Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. Solomon, Robert C., and Kathleen Marie. Higgins. A passion for wisdom : a very brief history of philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. Walpola Rahula. What the Buddha taught. London: G. Fraser, 1978.

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1992 words - 8 pages Having diabetes is dangerous. A person must change their entire way of living. If changes are not made, diabetes can bring along many harmful and serious health problems such as blindness, kidney disease, amputations, heart disease, and stroke. The key to diabetes is to understand; a person needs to learn about the disease to choose a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes is one of the main causes of illness and death worldwide. Nearly 25.8 million

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