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How I Became A Masterful Writer

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My progression as a writer has steadily improved over the past semester. Expanding sentence variety and experiencing in-class discussion has elevated my writing style to another level. I have learned how to successfully attack time management issues head on and how to research effectively. My ability to present information in a logical and organized fashion has reached new heights and my punctuation has become much better. I have improved upon areas that I was already competent in while addressing the weaker aspects of my writing. This class has been an invaluable learning experience that granted me many opportunities to become a masterful writer. One of those opportunities was the persuasive paper assignment.
The persuasive paper assignment was challenging and insightful as it gave me an opportunity to express my new skills that I had learned over the course of this class. I started by taking the research opportunities I was given and narrowing down what I was hoping to talk about gave my paper an excellent foundation. Even though I may not have spent as much time as I would have liked to on the project, I still presented an excellent work product due to the application of the skills I had learned from this class. After gathering my research and thoroughly knowing my topic I created an outline that logically presented the information I was presenting in an organized manner that would be easy for anyone to follow. With the outline completed, I moved on to creating the meat of my paper and adding thoughtful examples and analysis to the expert testimony I sprinkled throughout the paper. Applying the finishing touches to the persuasive paper I know that it was a solid paper made possible by the improvement I have evidenced by participating in this class.
One of the most useful skills that I learned in this class was how to properly use MLA format. Before this class, no other teacher pointed out that my spacing was incorrect; they did not really even care. This semester, Mr. Smith took the time to point out that my spacing was a bit off on most of my assignments. Finally, towards the end of the semester I found out how to fix this problem when he showed me how to do it on another student’s computer in the library. Although my other teachers never noticed this issue, it is a valuable skill for me to gain because I am positive that most of my future writing experiences will be in the MLA format.
My high school education pushed me to focus on excellent word choice and creating sentences that flow smoothly. Expressing myself via the written word has always been my preferred form of communication. Ever since I was little I enjoyed writing short stories and letters to my grandparents. The training I received in school assisted me in my development of choosing the right words to explain what I was striving...

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