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Normally in a play the role of a supporting character is to either influence or as the name suggests support the main character. In the play, ‘A Doll House’, Mrs. Kristine Linde is one of these characters, who serves the most purposeful role in terms of plot development in the play as well as helps to transform the character growth. Mrs. Linde is introduced to the audience as an old friend of Nora’s, the protagonist. She is used to highlight Nora’s childish and egotistical characteristics contrasting that of Mrs. Linde’s practical and gallant nature. She shows Nora possibilities of self-reliability and highlighting the woman’s role in society during the early nineteenth century. Ibsen uses Mrs. Linde to influence the plot by impacting Nora’s decisions and highlighting aspects of Nora and Krogstad’s characteristics.
Although Mrs. Linde seems to be a minor character, she has a significant role in Nora’s transformation since she is used by Ibsen as a role model and to expose Nora’s Characteristics through interactions. Mrs. Linde’s first appearance in Act 1 is where she is shown as an old childhood friend of Nora’s, and a widower in search of a job. During this interaction they exchange what has been occurring in each ones lives. This exchange accentuates the fact that since Mrs. Linde’s husband’s death, life has not been generous to her. She has had to make up by owning a shop, then teaching and doing anything that she could find “Well, I had to turn my hand to anything I could find- -first a small shop, then a small school, and so on” (Ibsen; Act 1). This seemed to heavily impact Nora since to her, Mrs. Linde was a devoted and caring wife. What interests Nora the most is that here she was a woman who, in a society where male dominance is very prevalent and women’s independence was unheard of, manages to make a living for herself and her children.

During Act 1 Mrs. Linde is also constantly mocking Nora by calling her childlike “You are a child, Nora.” (Ibsen, Act 1) which in turn makes Nora boast further revealing her true feelings as well as exposing her accomplishments, as she states she too has “something to be proud of” (Ibsen, Act 1). In these first interactions the audience notices Nora’s nonchalant attitude towards Mrs. Linde’s problems, and instead boasts about her husband, Torvald, and his success in the work sphere. Mrs. Linde mocks Nora and states “You haven’t known much trouble or hardship in your own life.” (Ibsen, Act 1). The use of this single line creates an atmosphere in which Nora must prove herself, affronted she “(tosses her head and walks across the room)” (Ibsen, Act 1). Thereafter, she launches into a theatrical disclosure and justification of all her secret activities that were unheard of during the early nineteenth century such as: firstly attaining a loan without her husband’s consent, second a woman saving her husband’s life was considered very demeaning, finally a woman of her stature paying off a debt, such things a...

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