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With nation wide (and international) distribution of TV shows, newspapers and of course, Internet content, the last century has seen increasing standardization of languages, especially English. So I'd submit that unless we turn our backs on the wider world and go back to communicating mostly with our local regions, English (and most other major languages) will become much less provincial, not more so. (Sisson, 2012)

English has been known as the global language, or we can say that “Universal Language”. Global language (universal language) must required two conditions, first, it is the scientific language must be fully international between all languages and ...view middle of the document...

Because in economic it involve language that can connect countries to build multilateral relations in economic sector.

There are some obvious reasons why multinational companies want a lingua franca. Adopting English makes it easier to recruit global stars (including board members), reach global markets, assemble global production teams and integrate foreign acquisitions. Such steps are especially important to companies in Japan, where the population is shrinking. (The Economist, 2014).

Without the powerful of English language, connecting nations all over the world seems impossible. Communication is very crucial whether it is in business, medicine, transport, technology or marketing. English is the language that globally accepted and known by all. The ideal global business plan is thus one in which products can be manufactured in countries where labor is cheap and sold in markets where people are rich.


England is an emerging country and it is believed that England is the state that had been colonized most of countries around the world. Logically, because they have done plenty colonized and automated that the colonists of the English going to say it in English colonies. And finally the English language spread to various parts of the world. It also found that English is the language that has complete, grammatically and neat, so it is easy to learn.

English language has role in globalizing people all over the world, the influence of this commanding language is quite fast and diverse. If people consider business, diplomacy, or politics, there should be proper relations between nations. Deep understanding is very much important in any field. Without proper communication it is not possible in whichever way it may be.

The English language outshines any other language if people consider the nation as a whole. People know its important and that is why the language is taught as the basic language in any country. As whole, it will be really hard to thrive in this world without knowing English. When you speak of globalization, the first language that burst out to mind is English. The English language plays a crucial role n order to create an ethically responsible, equitable and tolerant world.


Generally, the universal language on the Internet is English. National language has spread over the world, and several variants such as American (US) English, Australian English, etc. exist. People whose native language is none of the variants know English as a foreign language typically use a more or less simplified variant, e.g. excluding most of the idioms of British, American, and Australian etc. They make mistakes, and sometimes the "English" used by people, as a foreign language on the Internet is almost incomprehensible to anyone else. But in other hand, people who use English as their native language do not know how to spell difficult words, because basically they know English...

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