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English As A Young And Changing Discipline

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This essay takes an interdisciplinary approach to discussing the English language as a young and changing discipline. It draws on theories from the fields of philosophy, psychology, semiotics, physical science, and critique for reinforcement of the author's own ideals or ideas about the English language. The most appealing order to the essay was to begin with philosophy as a metaphysical approach with touches of idealism and humanism fusing with idealistic-empiricist- sense-experience approaches through psychology, physical science, and semiotics. Making sense of the English language is in itself a process and this essay is an attempt to mimic (mimesis) that order whilst trying to build bridges between the various disciplines. Aristotle held the concept of art as mimesis, the imitation of reality. How I perceive this process and how I manage to express it (if this may be considered art) depends on how enabled an individual feels after reading this. New critics of the 1940s and 1950s like W.K.Wimsatt and John Crowe would argue that the author's intentions has nothing to do with literary criticism. And now the first scaffold...

The English language and literature was already in use by c1450 by inhabitants of the British isles. It was during the 15th century that the English language `acquired' much of its modern form. Previous literature of linguistic periods include Anglo-Saxon literature, Middle English literature and Anglo Norman literature. The lasting effects of the French culture and language in the English language illustrates the dynamics and state of flux which the English discipline is presently in. There is always a static, gravitational attraction of `outside' influences and actions meeting with other actions within and without the discipline. The English language is simultaneously influenced and mega-catalyst (by and to) any given discipline outside its own staked out field.

The survival of the English native traditions as it broke up into several dialects, evolving into Middle English asserts that perhaps there was just enough construct or shape to the language. The process of how middle English became by the mid 14th century the literary as well as spoken language of England prescribes the allegory between structuralism and post structuralism, sense-experience and the metaphysical, verbal and non-verbal language, and conscious and unconscious communication (as projection, receiving and interpretation) in life. And the next scaffold...dipping into philosophy...

Pythagoras (born c.570BC) may have been the first to describe himself as a philosopher. With Plato (bornc.428BC) the term, philosopher, in its original and primary sense is most closely identified. The word philosophy is derived from the Greek words, philos (lover) and Sophia (wisdom). Dialectic achieved through years of education and picking up wisdom along the way enables gifted individuals to apprehend truth or reality and possess virtue from...

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