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English Boxers Removal From Animal Farm Bbg Academy Year 9 Essay

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How does the writer make Boxers injury and removal from the farm a shocking and moving episode in ‘Animal Farm’?
In Animal Farm, overall, Orwell portrayed Boxer as the hardest working animal on the farm. His incredible strength, dedication and devotion was the key to holding animal farm together. He was a very caring animal who had always put others before himself. Even in times of distress and pain, he kept working tirelessly which showed a sign of commitment within him. It is shocking how the pigs as well as Napoleon who Boxer blindly trusted, betrayed him and sold him to the knackers just so that they could gain their personal desires. If Animal Farm was read as a political allegory, Boxer would represent an average worker in the Russian Revolution.
Normally Boxer is fit and healthy as well as strong, however it is shocking to know that he collapses, unable to carry on. Near the start of Chapter 9 we discover that Boxer lay on his side, after going out alone to drag a load of stone to the windmill. Orwell describes how ‘His eyes were glazed, his sides matted with sweat.’ The writer uses powerful adjectives that suggest that he is distressed and that the sweat has soaked in, which leaves him in a terrible state. Moreover, it makes it more obvious that he was in pain because he lay on the ground with ‘his neck stretched out, unable even to raise his head.’ It made it more upsetting through Boxer’s words; ‘It is my lung’, said Boxer in a weak voice. ‘It does not matter.’ By using direct speech Orwell makes us feel sorry for Boxer because he’s saying this himself and is still being his caring self and does not bother to think much of himself.
Slowly the animals are starting to lose trust in the pigs, however there are still many foolish animals that are still manipulated by the pigs and don't have the mind of their own to make their own decisions themselves. When Boxer is being taken away from the farm, only the caring animals bother to signal to Boxer to get out, ‘but some stupid brutes, too ignorant to realise what was happening, merely set back to their ears and quickened their pace.’ Orwell uses adjectives to describe the type of personalities some animals had and that they did not care about what would happen to Boxer after being taken away. In addition when everyone was crying out for Boxer to get out, ‘Boxer’s face, with the white stripe down his nose,...

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